Bkh Ball Valves\/bkh3k Ball Valves Manufacturers Introduce The Selection Details Of Electric Ball Valves

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Bkh Ball Valves/bkh3k Ball Valves Manufacturers Introduce The Selection Details Of Electric Ball Valves

Posted By hongge yeya     Mar 23    


Commonly used electric ball valves include wafer type electric ball valves and flanged electric ball valves. More electric ball valve models and specifications will not be described in detail here. Wafer type electric ball valve is to connect the valve between two pipeline flanges with stud bolts. Flange type electric ball valve has flanges on the valve, and bolts are used to connect the flanges at both ends of the valve to the pipe flanges. The strength performance of the valve refers to the ability of the valve to withstand the pressure of the medium. The valve is a mechanical product subject to internal pressure, so it must have sufficient strength and rigidity to ensure long-term use without cracking or deformation. Below, BKH Ball Valves/BKH3K Ball Valves Manufacturers introduces the precautions for electric ball valve selection:

1. It is a control element. It is very widely used in the fluid pipeline system, and it has many uses. It has a very good effect on controlling flow, pressure, backflow, etc. Since the quality of the electric ball valve has a great influence on the safety of the pipeline, when selecting the electric ball valve, it must be selected according to a certain process and basis.

2. Know the diameter of your company's pipelines, and know what diameter and connection method you need to choose the electric ball valve.

3. According to the needs of the pipeline, first determine some common parameters of the electric ball valve, such as the discharge capacity, the allowable flow resistance, the diameter of the valve seat hole, etc. If these parameters are not selected correctly, the electric ball valve will control the flow. will be greatly discounted.

4. Select suitable raw materials according to the working temperature of the pipeline. Of course, the working pressure of the pipeline should also be taken into account.

Through the above introduction, High Pressure Floating Ball Valves Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.