Cutback Bitumen MC 250

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Cutback Bitumen MC 250

Posted By William Bruno     Mar 24    


Medium curing is the most widely recognized class in cutback bitumen, among which, MC 250 grade has the most appeal. MC 250 is a medium relieving cutback bitumen that contains 67% bitumen and has the least thickness among all grades. It is dark in shading and is made stringently according to the ASTM D 2027M-13 norm. After application, the diluent dissipates, passing on black-top concrete to play out its capacity. Medium curing cutback bitumen 250 thickness is between 250-500 CST. Its regularly utilized as a Prime Coating. It is homogeneous and won't froth (as noticed outwardly) when warmed to application temperature


MC 250 is medium curing (MC) cut-back black-top comprising of infiltration grade black-top concrete and diluents or shaper of medium instability. The diluents briefly lessen the thickness of the black-top concrete for simplicity of taking care of and application. Cutback MC 250 use in the street support industry where it is utilized as a great layer of the base course preceding setting the bituminous surface course.

Cutback Bitumen MC 250 is medium curing (MC) cut-back black-top comprising of infiltration grade black-top concrete and diluent or shaper of medium unpredictability. The diluent briefly lessens the thickness of the black-top concrete for simplicity of taking care of and application. After application, the diluent vanishes, passing on black-top concrete to play out its capacity. MC 250 bitumen thickness is between 250-500 CST.

Cutback bitumen MC 250 is broken up of bitumen in solvents of lamp oil. In numerous nations, lamp oil and other unpredictable oil inferred items are added as a shaper or cutback specialist to bitumen to lessen (or cutback) the consistency of the bitumen. The combination got might be called cutback bitumen. The decrease in thickness of the bitumen helps the development of seal coats in street asphalts as the mellowed combination wets the chips all the more without any problem. The cutback specialist vanishes from the seal coat, the cutback specialist turning into an irrelevant part of the seal coat a couple of months after application. Assuming huge measures of the cutback specialist stay in the seal coat an undesirable long haul mellowing impact might result.

Uses of Cutback Bitumen MC 250

  • Cutback specialists are utilized to bring down the thickness of bitumen when it is applied as a groundwork to the outer layer of a street asphalt total base course or substrate. Lamp fuel is utilized as a bitumen cutback specialist at various focuses as indicated by neighborhood conditions and prerequisites.
  • The cutback bitumen is great for prime coat and cold applied due to simple uses and no compelling reason to diminishing and warming.
  • Cutback bitumen MC 250 comprise of starting consolidation of black-top into the outer layer of non-black-top based course preliminary to any superimposed treatment of development.
  • The cutback black-top MC 250 applying to waterproofing of surfaces plug slender voids, coat and bond free mineral particles Also, Cutback bitumen medium curing 250 use in Roofing - As a waterproofing layer and as a cement to stick chippings onto a level, even rooftop to limit the impacts of enduring from the sun.
  • Soggy Proof Courses - Used as resistant to clammy films in substantial floors especially for little fixes or where expansions are entered in to existing designs.
  • Current normal uses are in infiltrating prime coats and in creating fixing or store blends. Cutback black-top utilized in blending in with total will generally contain a bond specialist to aid the covering of the total surface.

Application of Cutback Bitumen MC 250

Prime and Tack Coating

The most common way of preparing includes applying a low consistency cover to an arranged yet normally unbound total base. It is planned to be consumed by the top layers of the base and give a surface all the more effortlessly 'wetted' by a resulting bituminous covering. The groundwork will actually want to convey traffic for a brief time frame (albeit this training is phenomenal) and assist with controlling residue. By and large, preliminaries are applied at rates somewhere in the range of 0.5 and 1.4 L/m2. Cutback bitumens reasonable for preparing are additionally utilized for tack coats, which are applied to a fundamental surface to assist with the bond of resulting black-top layer. A regular application rate is somewhere in the range of 0.2 and 0.4 L/m2.

Prime Sealing

Where temperatures are excessively cool for a successful preparing activity, or where traffic is probably going to agitate a prepared surface before the last seal can be showered, a preliminary seal can be utilized to give sufficient insurance of the asphalt for times of up to 6 to a year. Cutback bitumens appropriate for groundwork fixing can likewise be utilized in the production of pre-blend black-top, which is utilized in fix fixes.

Splash Sealing

Cutback bitumens are utilized broadly in splashed fixing applications, especially in cooler climate where they give worked on beginning stone maintenance because of their lower thickness. Regularly, a solitary use of the fitting cutback bitumen is showered onto the prepared asphalt onto which total is laid.