XFL entered the \"Madden 20\" thanks to a dedicated team
    • Last updated March 5, 2020
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XFL entered the "Madden 20" thanks to a dedicated team

Posted By Bale Owen     March 5, 2020    


If you want to compete as an XFL team in the latest Madden video game "Madden 20", now there is a way. @ XFL2KMod New models released by the people behind the Twitter account include the St. Louis Battle Eagles, Washington Guards, New York Guards, Tampa Bay Vipers, Houston Ronex, Dallas Renegade, Los Angeles Wildcats and Seattle Dragons team.

If you are unfamiliar with Mod, basically think of it as an editor for video games. You cannot change everything in the game, but you can make enough changes to provide a unique gameplay. Of course, you may need to spend a certain amount of MUT Coins, which will also bring you benefits.

"When you're in the editor, jerseys, helmets, pants, referee uniforms, pitches, stadium walls, etc. all look a certain way," Defense Department Chief Tyler West told Sports News. "" We have to use Photoshop to edit these things and export them as textures using other software. Everything in the game has a file, so during the creation process, it's just an operation to find and replace mining styles. "

As for how West and his team gave the game a real look, he said that after a period of hard work, it wasn't difficult. "You're just playing a simulation game, trying to make it exactly what it looks like in real life," he said. "There are still many things that need to be adjusted, but on the surface, it has made great progress in a short time. I It has been tedious to create jersey numbers for each team from scratch, so that's why some teams have jerseys, but, for example, the Renegade still left Brown's orange number on the away jersey. "

Of course, none of this is perfect. As can be seen from the screenshot of Jordan Jordan above, there are a lot of XFL features here-stadium logos, and many BattleHawks decorations around the stadium. However, if you look up, you will see the Chicago Bears logo.

"We can only use what's already in the game; for example, we can't build a dome in St. Louis," West said. "So for BattleHawks (as the only XFL team outside the NFL), my goal is to choose an NFL stadium as close as possible. Dallas, Houston, and DC are other real stadiums in the league without their team games; but , We can at least use the stadium in its NFL market. "

Another unfortunate limitation is that you cannot use the full XFL rules. For example, XFL has unique kick-off rules and no extra points. However, due to the addition of college football to Madden 20, the team was able to add some rule changes to the XFL, of which the rules regarding the use of Madden Coins have not changed much.

West said: "This is one of the things we want, but so far we haven't cracked the startup code." "We are developing for PATs solutions. We want to do this so that the team every time I can participate twice, but we cannot add 3 attempts or 1 attempt. This is not superfluous. It is not possible to time within two minutes, so we use the college clock when we play for the first time. We set the match time to 25 seconds, and it only takes one foot to catch the ball. Currently, the mod is only a beta version, which means it will be fully completed in the future. Part of the future Department of Defense will include the CFL team and AAF team .