How to use Data Recovery software to extract data from a disk

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How to use Data Recovery software to extract data from a disk

Posted By data recovery     Mar 28    


You will therefore need to bring a usb key , an sd card or another disk to be able to copy your files there. Very often, paid software has features that allow you to find Data Recovery that free software cannot find. They are more powerful.

In the range of the most common freeware, there are:

  • Recuva.
  • PC Inspector File Recovery.
  • TestDisk.
  • EaseUS Partition Recovery.
The last two have the specificity of being effective even when the disk does not appear in the device manager . They are partition recovery software . In the range of paid tools, recoverit data recovery or Remo Data Recovery should be able to satisfy you. They work on both Windows and Mac. If you still cannot recover your files even using software , contact a professional.

Why go to a data recovery specialist?

Have you tried the above methods and they didn't work? Are you afraid of doing something wrong and losing all of your files? How then to recover your data?

It's time to go to a specialist. The latter will know how to detect the failure without any problem. He can also recover your lost files without affecting the integrity of the platters and repair your disk if possible. You can also send your disk which no longer works to specialized laboratories, but the price of file recovery could rise considerably. The best solution would therefore be to find a store with a real specialist in external hard drives.


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