How Do I Choose The Right Buy Dog Clothes.

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How Do I Choose The Right Buy Dog Clothes.

Posted By Drippy petsla     April 5, 2022    


No more redundant patterns, has-been cuts and penny parkas. Today, we can really please our loulou ( and a little to ourselves, it must be admitted ). But what type of clothing to choose? What size should I take? Because looks aren't everything. Above all, Médor must be protected while remaining free to move. Explanations with our Pet Food Store manager, Carole.

For your doggie to be comfortable, his Buy dog clothes should neither be too small nor too big. It must be pile-hair ( it is the case to say it ). But how to do it ? Do you have to measure Médor and if so, how do you take your measurements? It's actually very simple. Just take the length of the neck up to about 1 cm from the start of the tail. In this way, the garment will fit better, without hindering the movements of your pet. Then, just refer to a size equivalence table or ask your favorite advisor :)  

For example : 

  • A Chihuahua with a back length of 17 to 22 cm should wear S.
  • A 23 to 27 cm Yorkshire will prefer M.
  • A French Bulldog from 48 to 54 cm (always neck > tail) will choose a 3XL.

Please note, these are only examples. Because depending on the brand, the sizes may vary slightly.


Raincoat Or Warm Coat?

The type of clothing to favor for your dog will depend on the activity of this one but also on his temperament. Thus, for doggies who stay in the rain but who exercise ( like those who tend to dig trenches in the garden by dint of running like crazy ) it is better to choose a raincoat. This will protect them from humidity but will let Twitter them breathe and will not raise their temperature too much. Conversely, if your dog does not move much ( during a quiet walk, for example) and/or stays sheltered from the rain, you will need to choose a warm coat.

Am I Obliged To Dress My Doggie?

No, of course, you don't have to dress your pooch. It remains a choice. However, protecting your pet can be wise in some cases. Firstly, if you have a naked dog or one with very short hair because, without natural protection, Toutou could catch cold when he goes out or when he is wet. Second, you REALLY need to protect fragile dogs. So, if Médor is often ill or tends to be chilly, you might as well dress him. Third, older dogs sometimes need a little warmth. Indeed, their less efficient metabolism may sometimes not be enough to keep their temperature at the top. And lately… the look! What could be more fun than seeing your Doggie with a super trendy jacket in king of sap mode?