What Happens When You Scrap a Car? UPDATED

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What Happens When You Scrap a Car? UPDATED

Posted By Walla Tens     April 5, 2022    



These days it is easier to get skrotpræmie bil than ever before. With the escalating price of scrap metal, breakers yards are positively crying out for business. Their adverts line the highways and flood the classified sections of local papers and magazines, offering ever more lucrative means of disposing of your unwanted vehicle.


Free Collection


These offers do not just extend to free collection of the car, they also guarantee varying amounts of cash, depending on their ever changing offers. It's fair to assume that, considering this state of affairs, the Council have not had much call for their fee charging service for the removal of unwanted vehicles in quite a while. But, in some ways, this is a shame.


Important Things to Know


The Council is subject to environmental targets, and disposing of household waste is scrupulously monitored to ensure that it meets EEC directives. The disposal of TV's, white goods and motor vehicles is consequently handled in the most cost efficient way, deploying the most environmentally sound methods. Eco-economics is set to become an increasingly important means of generating revenue, as well as ensuring that we live our lives in a more sustainable fashion.


The Services


With vehicles left exposed to the elements for years, the integrity of the bodywork becomes susceptible to rust, devaluing the stock from a recycling viewpoint. Private operators are geared up to make a profit, and are therefore more likely to put commercial interest before green considerations. Public services, whilst optimising the commercial value of the scrap, place their full focus on ensuring that waste is handled ethically.


Final Words


That was until the recent creation of interfacing agencies. Luckily, there is now another means of disposing of unwanted vehicles ethically without incurring a charge for the service. Social enterprises have been set up to capitalise on the increased value of scrap, and will tow away unwanted vehicles and process them using the most ecologically sound facilities, without levying a charge.