Best gastroenterologist in south delhi
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  • Best gastroenterologist in south delhi
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Best gastroenterologist in south delhi

Posted By Kapil Sharma     April 9, 2022    


Gastroenterologists primarily diagnose and treat GI conditions. If your primary care physician has noticed an issue involving your GI tract, they will most likely recommend you see a gastroenterologist for a more detailed assessment of the issue.

Gastroenterologists perform endoscopic procedures, in which they use specialized instruments to view the GI tract and make a diagnosis.

They don’t perform surgery, though in some cases, they may work closely with a GI surgeon. They primarily work in clinic or hospital settings.

Health conditions gastroenterologists can diagnose and treat

Gastroenterologists are trained to have an acute knowledge of the normal movement of food through the stomach and intestine, the absorption of nutrients, how waste is removed from the body, and how the liver helps with the digestion process. This area of expertise allows them to diagnose issues such as:

Although the GI system includes the mouth, gastroenterologists generally don’t provide care or services for this area. Instead, dentists and dental specialists focus on the health of the oral cavity.

Gastroenterologists are also different from proctologists, who are specialists who treat diseases of the rectum and anus.