This Story Behind Learn More Psychedelia On Gaia Will Haunt You Forever!

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This Story Behind Learn More Psychedelia On Gaia Will Haunt You Forever!

Posted By Gaia Voice     April 11, 2022    


Although cannabis may have medicinal uses in tightly controlled conditions, smoking it or psychedelia on gaia space cakes is not good for you. The extracts of opium poppy have medicinal properties - but that does not make heroin healthy.

Dope is so called for a reason - it makes you stupid. As well as being bad for your brain, bad for your lungs, bad for your heart and very dangerous if you plan to do anything like driving or using machinery. Smokers are at greater risk of developing mental health problems such as schizophrenia and depression.


Cannabis is highly addictive. Studies show up to one in 10 users to improve over time. Stopping marijuana can lead to withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety and irritability. More than half of the 7.3 million people psychedelia on gaia to be important or exploited for illicit drugs in the United States are infected with weeds. Legalizing it will mean that more people will use it - including young people.

  • And more
  • People will
  • Be addicted


Legalization of marijuana will not deter drug gangs, who will simply see the benefits increase as it leads to more users and more addicts. Just look at Amsterdam where the culture of the free pot has created social problems from burglary to prostitution and drug abuse. Local authorities have been tightening restrictions. Studies show that smokers are more likely to be The Gaia Voice in crime than non-smokers.

Focus on the negative

Legalizing marijuana will eliminate the trade from criminal gangs. That would reduce their negative impact on both the importing and exporting of marijuana. Officially, the pot can be properly controlled to ensure quality and safety - just like any other product.

If it is sold illegally on the street, no one is in control of what dangerous substances can be mixed with it. Freed from the chase of bad smokers, law enforcement agencies can focus on dealing with drug Facebook who do real harm.


US estimates suggest that legalizing marijuana could improve the country by $ 18 billion each year. Profits will come from tax revenue on pot sales and savings in the justice system - including the cost of keeping psychedelia on gaia incarcerated. Since the ban will not deter people who smoke dope, the state may make money from it. Colorado earned more than $ 5 million in the first week after authorizing retail sales.

It could also be a huge boon to the economies of productive countries. A Jamaican company recently signed a $ 100 million contract to provide Colorado medical treatment.


The use of soft drugs like marijuana leads to the use of hard drugs. Addiction experts consider weeds to be a gateway drug that can expose users to serious drug abuse. A New Zealand study found that regular marijuana users were 60 times more likely to try other illegal mushroom than young people who had never smoked marijuana. Marijuana itself becomes stronger.

Hypocrisy of hippies in the 1960's was about 1% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a chemical that causes many of the psychological effects of marijuana. Today's THC levels can reach over 30%.

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