Introduction To Sublimation Paper Roll Preservation

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Introduction To Sublimation Paper Roll Preservation

Posted By run Hydrotech     Apr 17    


The sublimation paper roll is to print the pictures, landscapes, texts and other pictures on the sublimation transfer inkjet paper in the form of a mirror image with the sublimation transfer ink, and then heat it to about 200 ℃ by the sublimation transfer equipment. The sublimation transfer ink is attached to the paper. The sublimation paper is sublimated into a substrate, so that the colorful pictures on the paper can be realistically transferred to textiles, porcelain cups, porcelain plates, porcelain plates, etc. It is an item of porcelain plates and metals. new technology.

Sublimation paper uses inkjet paper without a film attached to the surface of the substrate, so the feel and visual effect of the picture are far better than those of ordinary ink and transfer paper. The advantages of colorful, non-fading, no crack, and good air permeability make thermal transfer products a popular product in today's world. Photo banners, street light flags, ribbons, handbags, luggage, sea bags and other newspapers, flip charts, double flags, clothing, tiles, glass, etc. made by the sublimation transfer process stand out in the fierce market competition.

fast dry sticky sublimation paper sublimation paper needs to use sublimation ink. Sublimation ink (also known as thermal transfer ink) is a digital ink made of low-energy, easy-to-sublime disperse dyes, which can be printed on sublimation transfer paper. After heating, the picture can be made into exquisite porcelain, metal, silk, chemical fiber cloth and other materials in a short time, which is very suitable for the personalized development needs of shopping malls and environmental protection.