Texas A & M uses \"Madden 20\" tournament to connect coaches and prospects during quarantine
    • Last updated March 30, 2020
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Texas A & M uses "Madden 20" tournament to connect coaches and prospects during quarantine

Posted By Bale Owen     March 30, 2020    


The latest innovation in college football recruiting brings together potential clients and coaches, one of the most competitive environments high school players can imagine: video games. Recently, in addition to professional players, there are many ordinary players playing this video game, and the need for MUT Coins is even more urgent.

And Texas A & M was using "Madden 20" as a way to reach potential customers in grade 2021. At the time, Aggies and many programs across the country were working to bring these potential customers to campus. Starting this Wednesday, coaches and potential customers will face off in the Texas A & M "Madden 20" tournament.

The stand is divided into offensive and defensive aspects. The offensive coach is responsible for the offensive prospect. The defensive coach does the same thing in Texas A & M's so-called "Gig Em Gamer Tourney".

Highlights of the first round included offensive coordinator Darrell Dickey against four-star quarterback quarterback Eli Stowers, and a forward-looking combat tactic with a four-star defensive tackle with five-star defensive tackle Maason Smith on the defensive end. Tywone Malone and the winner advanced to the role of defensive tackle coach Elijah Robinson.

Stowers, already from Denton, Texas, is Aggie's client, and he tweeted to promote his performance in the "Madden 20" era. Unfortunately, Jimbo Fisher was not included in the game. Although his skills on the bat are still questionable, he is likely (or will) have a role to play in this recruitment campaign before the championship is crowned.

Our 247Sports friends have a complete list of potential customers to participate in Gig Em Gamer Tourney, because Texas A & M wants to keep up with the fast-growing recruitment situation. We've seen that Kansas and other countries create virtual tours for prospective clients and their families instead of formal junior high schools, and coaches have been busy with FaceTime and Zoom to participate in the lives of these players who work as coaches to adapt to the world Life affected by the current global health crisis. Players are also adapting to this rhythm, whether in life or in the game, it can be seen from the difficulty of the recent Madden Coins. But don't worry, players can get it at GameMS, I think you will be satisfied.