Basic AC Maintenance | Consider These Important Things!

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Basic AC Maintenance | Consider These Important Things!

Posted By Walla Tens     Apr 20    


With the glorious summer months now fully past, it's all too easy for homeowners to forget that the AC system is still used for a long time in the cold months, though not to a certain extent. If air conditioners run year-round, it will help to make sure your air conditioning system is serviced on a regular basis.


AC Maintenance


Even if you have a thorough understanding of how your AC system works, you can perform basic but important AC maintenance yourself. Fortunately, following these simple tips regularly can help reduce many unexpected repair costs, so you use less energy and ultimately last longer. So these minor tweaks and repairs will ensure you get the most value for a long-term investment.


Examine the Condenser


Before starting work, please note that the power can be turned off at the main circuit breaker panel. Clean the area around the appliance with a brush to remove coarse dust, dirt, and debris that will accumulate over time. Inspect the condenser fan blades and if you notice small cracks, replace them immediately. It will be necessary to lubricate the fan motor bearings with air conditioners made a long time ago.


Clean the Ducts and Vents


First remove the access panel and remove any possible obstructions in the grille. The vent holes should be dusted several times a year with a fine, soft brush, and be sure to brush the coil wings as well. At the same time, flatten any folded wings with a small knife. They can be easily damaged, so be sure to do this process carefully.


Change the Air Filter


Check and replace the filter at least once every three months according to the manufacturer's specific instructions. Try not to let this task go to waste, as dirty filters will force the entire system to work harder to pull in cold air, which will definitely consume more energy and cost you more money. The general rule of thumb is that when filters work harder than in the fall and winter months, they should be inspected every other month in the summer.