Best lung surgeon in North India
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Best lung surgeon in North India

Posted By Pramoj Jindal     April 21, 2022    


Best lung surgeon in North India

A lung resection, also called a pulmonary resection, is surgery to remove part or all of your lung.

Surgeons may perform a lung resection either with minimally invasive surgery or open surgery (thoracotomy). Today, most lung resections are performed by minimally invasive techniques that use one to four 1-inch incisions on the side of your body, a video camera and specialized instruments — including a surgical robot to remove portions of your lung. The entry is between your ribs so your ribs are not broken for the procedure. Less commonly, surgeons use a thoracotomy incision (3.5 inches or 8 centimeters) under your shoulder blade, and your ribs are spread to gain access to the chest.

Best lung surgeon in North India

Who needs to have a lung resection?

Healthcare providers perform a lung resection when your lung has been damaged or diseased, such as with lung cancer or lung disease. Surgery isn’t possible for everyone with lung cancer, however. You also may have a lung resection if your provider needs to diagnose lung disease.

Best lung surgeon in North India

What are the parts of your lung?

You have two lungs, one on either side of your chest. Your right lung has three lobes:

  • Upper lobe.
  • Middle lobe.
  • Lower lobe.

Best lung surgeon in North India

Your left lung is a little smaller to make room for your heart. It has two lobes:

  • Upper lobe.
  • Lower lobe.

Each of your lungs has a tube called a bronchus that connects your lung to your trachea (windpipe).

Best lung surgeon in North India

Blood flows from your heart into your lungs through the pulmonary artery and then returns to the heart by the pulmonary veins.

What are the types of lung resection?

There are five types of lung resection:

  • Wedge resection: Removal of a wedge-shaped section of diseased or damaged lung tissue.
  • Segmentectomy: Removal of one to four portions of a lobe of the lung while preserving the remaining portion.
  • Lobectomy: Removal of one lobe of your lung.
  • Bilobectomy: Removal of two lobes of the right lung while preserving the remaining lobes.
  • Pneumectomy: Surgeons remove your entire lung.
  • Best lung surgeon in North India

What are the types of lobectomy?

Providers remove one lung lobe in a regular lobectomy. Other types of lobectomy include:

  • Sleeve resection: Surgeons remove one lobe. They also remove part of the main bronchus from your lung. They then reattach the end of the main bronchus to the bronchus of a healthy lobe.
  • Arterioplasty: During removal of the lobe, your surgeon removes a portion of the main feeding artery to your lung. This requires temporary blockage of blood flow to the lung so that your surgeon can remove a portion of the artery and sew in a patch to replace it.
  • Best lung surgeon in North India

Why is a lung resection done?

A lung resection lets surgeons remove part of your lung that is damaged or diseased. In other cases, providers may use a lung resection to diagnose lung conditions. They take part of your lung to examine the tissue more closely to understand the cause of a lung problem.

What does a lung resection treat?

A lung resection treats:

What does a lung resection diagnose?

Healthcare providers may use a lung resection to obtain tissue samples. These samples can help them to diagnose:

  • Cancer, either from the lung or spread to the lung.
  • Lung infection, such as tuberculosis.
  • Pulmonary nodules (abnormal growths).
  • Inflammatory diseases of the lung, such as pulmonary fibrosis.
  • Best lung surgeon in North India