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Posted By Jordan Petrich     April 21, 2022    


Estimate Commercial Building Construction Costs

Determining construction costs involves discreetly looking at the quality and the size of commercial construction projects for the commercial buildings. Other cost-driving factors include the location of the project, building materials, and architectural designs.

You as a client or customer should have essential information about the projection of expenditure and about other construction processes too. Let’s have a detailed view into all these factors:

Costs Per Square Foot in Commercial Construction

On average the cost of commercial building often ranges from $16 to $20 per square foot. This cost range includes the building packages, foundations and other delivery options. However, if you are willing to include additional finishing touchpoints, the cost may rise accordingly, per square foot.

How to do the estimation?

Not all buildings are made the same and so, the cost of different building types varies from location to location.

Building quality

  • Class A buildings: these are the commercial buildings of the highest quality. They are equipped with top tier fixtures, HVACs, amenities and premium technological systems. Mostly, high-rise buildings are a part of class A buildings.
  • Class B building: these buildings are of average quality. Obviously, the architectural details and fixtures aren’t as impressive as Class A buildings, but they are decent. These are usually 4 stories tall.
  • Class C building: these commercial buildings are present in least pleasant parts of the city. Also, they have the least modern fixtures and so, they fail to match the finish quality of class A and class B buildings.

Design and Architecture

General Contractors General Contractors Cedar Park TX Park TX say that commercial building construction costs are affected by the shape classification too. For instance, the construction cost per square meter reduces depending on the floor area and the outside wall area reduction.

The more complex design, the more expensive the cost will be as compared to a more simplistic design. This is because you need more materials and general contractors.


If you are constructing the building outside metropolitan areas, it can result in saving costs up to 2% to 6%. Since you’re constructing away from the heart of the city, labor is cheap and so are other associated factors. Also, if the weather conditions are adverse, labor costs can drastically go up because skilled workers usually don’t agree to work in such harsh conditions.

Construction materials

All the expenses per square foot are inclusive of the cost of materials, the taxes and even the shipping charges. In the commercial construction industry, it is commonly understood that building a skyscraper requires high commercial construction costs because more material is used. Steel and other raw materials too are expensive.


The calculation of commercial building cost also comprises permit fees. The fee also varies greatly depending on the location of construction projects and the type of work carried out on the site.

Usage of mechanical systems

Every building owner wants to enhance its comfort and efficiency and so, the usage of mechanical systems becomes a must-have. These systems include heating, and cooling, air conditioning, air conditioning, and much more. You can use the UFAD mechanical system to reduce installation costs and functional square footage can also increase.

Electrical systems

Electrical installations in your commercial building need to meet the National Electrical Code requirements. Get expert design insights on the stage so that you can achieve energy efficiency and reduction in commercial construction costs.

Get estimations from the expert

With the understanding of what steps are included in the cost estimation of commercial projects, you know how to control them at the earliest stage.

Yet, if you are having some questions regarding the commercial building cost projections and controlling, ask the experts. Go to Dominion Remodeling & Construction, Inc., General Contractors Cedar Park TX to know more.

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