Do I Need Trucking Insurance?

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Do I Need Trucking Insurance?

Posted By John Holder     Apr 24    


The trucking industry is a great place for you to get out there and begin a new career. There are a lot of high paying jobs that you can choose and it is likely that you will be able to keep working up, without having to spend years going to school. Many companies will be able to hire truckers and they find that this is an industry that is hard to hire in because there are not enough professionals. And with the revenue that comes from hauling goods expected to rise 89% by 2028, pursuing a career in commercial trucking is going to come with a lot of potential.


When it makes financial sense to do so, many truck drivers find that purchasing their own truck and driving that, rather than driving for a big company, can be more profitable. They can choose their own routes and make the rates that work for them, without the overhead of paying for their boss along the way. However, as an independent driver, there will be a number of things that you have to manage as well and one of these is having the right commercial trucking insurance.


You must have trucking insurance if you are an independent truck driver and own your own rig. If you do not have this insurance in place, you could end up in a lot of trouble along the way. To start, it is a requirement in most states for you or your employer to have this insurance before you even get behind the wheel. This protects you and others who are on the road at any given time, making sure that you are safe and sound as you drive on the road.


When it comes to whether you need to have trucking insurance or not, the answer is always yes. The good news is that there are a lot of different types of insurance that you are able to utilize and that can help you to find a full policy at a good rate that will help you get on the road and make money in your career.


The right trucking insurance is going to keep you safe on the road and can protect you when others are harmed as well. Whether you are getting an insurance policy to use for your whole fleet or just for yourself, picking the right trucking insurance is going to make a big difference in how safe you can be on the road. It is not just about the law and meeting the minimum in liability for your career, it is about keeping you safe and sound on the road as well.