Types Of Condensers In Refrigeration Equipment
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    • Last updated April 24, 2022
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Types Of Condensers In Refrigeration Equipment

Posted By shanhe coils     April 24, 2022    


Among the refrigerator equipment, the condenser is a relatively common equipment. Therefore, professional condenser manufacturer recommends that you need to understand the types of refrigerator equipment condensers comprehensively, so as to better perform the maintenance work of the refrigerator equipment condenser.

There are many types of condensers in refrigeration equipment, which can be divided into: air-cooled condensers, water-cooled condensers (shell-and-tube condensers, sleeve-type condensers, shell-coil condensers, spiral-plate condensers, etc.) condensers, immersion condensers), evaporative and spray condensers.

Different refrigerator equipment condensers use different objects and scopes. Air-cooled condensers are used in refrigerators, freezers, small air conditioners, cold field vehicles, automobile air conditioners and other small refrigeration devices. Refrigerator equipment does not use , but its knowledge also needs to be understood. It does not require water, is easy to install, and can be placed on the roof; the heat transfer coefficient is small, and it is greatly affected by the ambient temperature, which deteriorates the environment and is difficult to remove dust, but it is only used in Freon refrigerators. According to the flow of air, it can be divided into natural convection cooling condenser and forced convection cooling condenser.

There are many types of water-cooled condensers. Among them, the shell-and-tube water-cooled condenser of refrigeration equipment has high heat transfer coefficient, small footprint and easy cleaning; large water consumption and bulky body, suitable for large and medium-sized ammonia refrigeration systems; horizontal type Shell and tube condenser is suitable for: ammonia or freon refrigeration system; casing condenser has high heat transfer coefficient, small unit footprint and simple structure; large metal consumption, difficult cleaning, and large water resistance; shell-coil type The condenser has a simple structure, cannot be mechanically cleaned, and requires regular chemical cleaning.

Refrigerator equipment evaporative condenser saves water, low cost, simple structure, easy to remove scale, small volume, simple structure of spray condenser, easy to use, easy to remove scale, low requirements for water quality, but metal consumption, Large footprint and low heat transfer coefficient.

Different types and characteristics of condensers in different refrigeration equipment are different. Therefore, users and friends need to carry out maintenance work according to the small freezer condenser they purchased.