EA has offered similar discounts in the past
    • Last updated April 6, 2020
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EA has offered similar discounts in the past

Posted By MMOexp sitefans     April 6, 2020    


The Super Bowl is taking place on Sunday, February 2nd, and it appears that latest Madden title will be Mut 20 coins getting a sizable discount in preparation. The standard edition game is currently available for 50 percent off on the Microsoft Store, bringing the cost to $29.99. You are able to acquire the match for the sale cost on Xbox One, PS4, and PC on EA's electronic store also for 50% off. EA's digital shop is offering Madden NFL 20's Superstar Edition for $31.99, as well. Additionally, Madden NFL 20's Ultimate Superstar Edition has been sold for $39.99 on the EA shop.

The sport is also purchasable on the PlayStation Store for the identical price. You may buy it for $27.99 also. EA has offered similar discounts in the past. The Super Bowl has always been an opportune time to get the gaming conglomerate to market the sport at a lower cost than normal, as football's popularity spikes during this time. Even non-football lovers will conform to join the craze.

While the Super Bowl is always an exciting time for hardcore and casual soccer fans, the absence of the New England Patriots NFL team is particularly interesting for people searching for a different game.

In our review, we said that while the game has its share of problems, it is but one of the series' latest highlights. Some of the game's changes, like its own Face of the Franchise mode, do bring a host of issues. However, various gameplay tweaks and other changes are enough to make the game stick out among its predecessors which were similar in nature to one another.

For casual, or hardcore, football fans to buy Madden 20 coins with any prior price-related hesitations, now could be a great time to purchase the game. Not only is it substantially discounted, but it is a great way to observe and prepare for the Super Bowl.