Four Best Places to Live Abroad as a Queer Woman

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Four Best Places to Live Abroad as a Queer Woman

Posted By Emily Clarke     Apr 28    


Looking to expand your horizons and experience new cultures? You're not alone! There are many great places for queer women ex-pats, but you have to choose your destinations wisely. LGBTQ+ rights vary all over the world.

Luckily, we're here to make your search much simpler! Here are some of the best countries for queer women wanting to live abroad.

The Netherlands

Is anyone surprised that the Netherlands is on this list? The country was the first to legalize gay marriage back in 2001. Not only that, but its laws are very LGBTQ+ friendly. If you are looking for the best LGBTQ chat app, visit this website.

Gender identity is a relative non-issue, and overall acceptance of queer people is relatively high. Plus, there's excellent healthcare and a beautiful landscape to discover!

Check out an LGBTQ chat app and connect with someone living in the Netherlands to hear how great it is!


Spain has a diverse queer scene. Gay marriage has been around since 2005, and same-sex ex-pat couples have many legal rights.

Spain is a majority Catholic country. But even still, a vast majority of the population accepts queer people. Pair that with the many significant LGBTQ+ events, and you won't have any problem living life proudly in Spain!


Belgium is one of the most progressive countries in the world. Believe it or not, same-sex relationships have been legal since 1975! Discriminating based on sexual orientation is against the law, too.

Gay couples in the country have many of the same rights as straight couples. They can get married, adopt children, and even access in-vitro fertilization.

New Zealand

New Zealand opened its arms to gay marriage a bit later than some other countries, legalizing it in 2013. However, it's made significant progress since. The country is also highly respected among ex-pats thanks to its affordability and quality education.

Many protections for LGBTQ+ families exist. Furthermore, unmarried couples of any gender can adopt children. Meanwhile, lesbians can get in-vitro, making New Zealand a fantastic place to start a family.

Starting Your Next Adventure

These are just a few of the many queer-friendly countries those looking to move abroad should consider. Log into an LGBTQ chat app and connect with people from these countries to learn more!

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