Everything new Path of Exile: Delirium
    • Last updated April 6, 2020
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Everything new Path of Exile: Delirium

Posted By Bale Owen     April 6, 2020    


Many people ignored one thing about Path of Exile. After the game was nominated and won the "evolution game" category, the team posted a comment on its official website. Other nominees in this category include "Apex Legend", "Fate 2", "Final Fantasy XIV: Shadow Messenger", "Fortress Night" and "Unmanned Deep Space". There are a series of things happening in the new expansion release. The deli is only a few weeks away, which is the trough of all the exciting new things in the upcoming expansion.

As we all know, Delirium is the first expansion of "Path of Exile" this year. Players will have the opportunity to take over the endgame content and increase the already huge skill tree by using the special Cluster Jewel. This is not exactly the same as the ordinary POE Exalted Orb in the game. This is a new device. It has special skills in addition to enhancing the character's own strength.

The main focus of the expansion is on players discovering Delirium. As with previous expansions, activating this new object will spawn new opponents and make existing ones stronger, so think wisely about the best dive time. A large number of monster modifiers will be added to make the situation more deadly than they are. Now, there are new bosses and rare and unique monsters. However, players do not have to worry when encountering these new things. I think POE Currency can help you. You can use this to enhance your skills. If you have difficulty in the game, then I suggest you buy directly from IGGM This will save a lot of time and be faster.