The Reality Regarding Stretching: Why This Ballet Dancer Stopped Stretching

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The Reality Regarding Stretching: Why This Ballet Dancer Stopped Stretching

Posted By John Wren     Apr 29    


In the day of twelve to twenty-one, I had been a ballet dancer. It had been all Used to do and all sorts of I needed to complete. Being very disciplined, I extended for 30 minutes every evening before going to sleep and so i might get more flexible. Also it labored - I acquired really flexible. Even on vacations, I extended each and every night without exception.

 I quit dancing at age 21 after having suffered the 2nd of two terrible back injuries. But once i quit dancing, I stored doing my 30-minute stretching routine every evening before going to sleep. Not just did I really like the ritual, however i felt like I physically needed it - as if I had been hooked on the sensation. My body system just did not feel until I'd extended. I additionally enjoyed making the effort every single day to feel linked to my body system and getting a lot understanding of how my body system felt.

 Seven years later, I happened upon the Somatic Systems Institute site. I purchased Thomas Hanna's book Somatics: Reawakening the Mind's Charge of Movement, Versatility, and Health, after studying about five pages I felt as though I'd found something which I used to be searching in my whole existence. You will find, in the end this time around I had been still doing my elastane material stretching routine each and every night!

 Under annually later, I'd signed up for the professional training course to become Clinical Somatic Educator. I recall sitting at the back of the studio throughout the first semester of my training while Steve Aronstein described how stretching was ineffective and can also be dangerous. I began fuming. That which was he speaking about? I used to be stretching for which felt like my entire existence and understood firsthand it had become effective. I acquired upset to the stage which i felt like crying. It had been as though he was attacking my religion. I bit my tongue and did not speak up, however i declined to think what he was saying.

 I went home in the finish from the first semester completely deeply in love with Somatics, understanding and believing everything I'd learned to date - except things i had discovered stretching. I went again and again it i believe and lastly made the decision to try it out: I'd substitute my nightly stretches with Somatic movements. However I would certainly check it out for one or two weeks, after which I'd observe how I felt. I did not wish to lose any one of my hard-earned versatility, in the end.

 While you will find loads of normal Somatic exercises that Thomas Hanna produced, once you understand the fundamental principle of methods to contract and release parts of your muscles in in a certain style, you are able to turn virtually any movement right into a Somatic movement. So, around the first night I acquired lower on the ground and hang about turning our ritual stretches into Somatic movements. As I is at pretty very similar positions as my stretches, I had been carrying out a different kind of movement, on and on with an entirely different neurophysiological process when i moved.

 After about forty-5 minutes I acquired up started and... WOW. My body system felt like jelly. Or just like a wet noodle, as my mother would say. I'd never felt so loose and relaxed! It had been a completely different sensation than I felt after stretching. I ongoing this Somatics routine night after night and shortly grew to become conscious of an excellent new experience of being completely comfortable within my body. I did not believe that constant feeling of tightness and requiring to stretch that I did previously feel. Although I'd stopped stretching, I had not lost any one of my versatility or flexibility.