Know The Important Features of Mobile Car Detailing Service

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Know The Important Features of Mobile Car Detailing Service

Posted By Silicon Valley Detail     May 2    


The requirement for mobile car detailing has been steadily increasing these days. What started as a value-added car cleaning business has turned into a full-fledged opportunity of business? Manufacturers and suppliers are also aware of this fact.
So, now you can find a growing number of cleaning tools designed specifically for auto mobile detailing. Many of these machines have some really advanced features that weren't available before.
Take a look at some of the latest features available in these machines:
Conventional high pressure cleaning systems use pressure outlet for cleaning purposes. To clean the car, you cannot use a machine with an outlet pressure level greater than 1500 psi. Higher pressure can release paint from the surface of the car.
How to increase engine power for moving parts without damaging the paintwork? The answer is simply by increasing the outlet temperature. Some modern machines specifically designed for car cleaning have a steam outlet temperature of up to 250ºF and a hot water temperature of up to 210ºF.
This is the newest mobile auto detailing near me that features a pressure washer and steamer. They can melt dirt and pollutants trapped on vehicle surfaces, as well as remove all types of dirt, including grease and oil.
Conventional portable electric washing machines or mobile auto window tinting near me have wheels that are attached or can be attached to a truck or trailer. Wheeled cars are suitable for cleaning vehicles in a small area. However, these machines are not ideal for transportation to a remote location.
On the other hand, electric washers that can be mounted on a truck or trailer are best suited for transport to remote locations, but they are not practical for car parts.
The latest innovation in the mobile auto detailing is the removable wheels. These wheels can be attached to machines for cleaning in a small area, while for transport to a remote location, they can be removed and the steam cleaner can be attached to a truck or trailer.
In short, modern portable car washers are all-weather machines that can be used anywhere and for cleaning almost any type of vehicle. When you need this, you can easily get the service of car detail near me.
Low Flow Engine
Flow is another problem with portable car cleaning equipment. This is not something that is only important for electric washing machines. In general, any type of automatic detailing product should have a low flow rate.
For a typical pressure washer system, the flow rate increases with the outlet pressure level. However, if pressure washers are to be used as automatic finishing products, they must have a low flow rate.
If the steam washing room has a high flow rate, more water will flow to the ground. This may affect the prospects for the mobile car wash business. Best mobile car detailing near me with low flow technology ensure faster cleaning, making your mobile car wash business profitable.