The number of players in Delirium set a record after the launch of POE
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    • Last updated April 8, 2020
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The number of players in Delirium set a record after the launch of POE

Posted By CSCA CSCA     April 8, 2020    


Within an hour now, the number of players has reached 237,160. GGG has reached a shocking release due to Path of Exile, but there are still some server issues that we want to discuss.

The launch of Path of Exile has shown the trend of igniting the flames, and now has ordered more servers than GGG daily use. POE Currency has also received many improvements due to the development of the game, which will definitely bring players a better gaming experience. However, this has not yet reached the expected goal, especially when some machines on the Internet disappeared due to continuous DDOS attacks. If we make good use of it, capacity can be restored by adding more servers. In order to reduce the impact of the login user's gaming experience, POE created a login queue for this.

Path of Exile's development team has also been synchronously handling error programs, and when players encounter problems, they can now use client / instance crash dumps to solve them. In order to restartless deployment soon, the game team has correctly bundled these first batches with the 3.10.0b patch. However, from a gameplay bug point of view, this is by far one of the most stable releases, which is also good news. Thank you for your patience when adding more servers to Path of Exile.

The purpose of POECurrency is to provide players with a variety of surprise functions, such as extremely powerful weapons, personalized customization, rights and so on. For newcomers, POE Currency plays an important role, because without the help of currency, their battle with monsters will become extremely difficult. But without Buy POE Currency, there are many ways to get money for free, such as completing system tasks, selling equipment, and picking up monsters. If you do n’t have enough time, you can get Path of Exile Currency directly from the game store.

On the Internet, players may find some online retailers that are cheaper and provide better services than the official website. But not every retailer is honest and trustworthy. Some fake merchants make money by selling fake currency to game fans. But now there is no need to worry. The dealer POECurrency has a high reputation and is also one of the agents. Players can rest assured in terms of integrity. Their work staff takes customers as God and provides customers with all their needs. And POECurrency is the first choice for most avid gamers, because they are legal and protected programs in the gaming industry. POECurrency provides game players with POE Orbs, POE Exalted Orb, etc. in some unique and convenient ways, such as email sending, platform trading and face-to-face transactions. The service level of the platform is quite excellent, and the price is also a level that ordinary players can consume. Coupled with the security protection mechanism of the platform, it has won the trust of a large number of multi-players in a very short time. POECurrency is the most strictly protected platform on the whole, and will give players the safest and most comfortable POE Items purchase experience.