Mold Temperature Controller Suppliers Transformer Use

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Mold Temperature Controller Suppliers Transformer Use

Posted By moldcn zhenfei     May 5, 2022    


There are four reasons for plastic extrusion moulding chiller maintenance to cause "three-phase power failure" of screw chiller: the power supply is not connected, the fuse is blown, the power supply voltage is unstable or the phase sequence is incorrect, and the transformer is damaged. The troubleshooting methods and their solutions are as follows:

first step
We must first check the workshop without electricity and the power supply is not plugged in properly. Generally, other equipment in the workshop is not working, or the power plug of the screw chiller is not plugged in properly, causing the equipment to not be powered on, so a three-phase power failure will occur.
The solution is: check the ice water machine power wiring line in sections, whether there is a disconnection in the wiring, and whether the power plug is damaged or aged. If so, repair the line or replace the new plug and wiring to solve the problem.

second step
If the workshop current is unstable, or a short circuit occurs, the fuse is blown, and a "three-phase power failure" will also occur.
The solution is: replace the new fuse

third step
When the refrigerator is powered on, this fault code is often caused by unstable voltage and voltage, undervoltage, overvoltage, or lack of phase, wrong phase sequence, or failure of the phase sequence protector.
The solution is: if the voltage is unstable, check whether the transformer and other components are damaged; check whether the phase sequence is correct, and solve it by swapping any two-phase lines; if the phase sequence protector is damaged, replace it;

the fourth step
mold temperature controller suppliers Transformer damage will cause power supply undervoltage, overvoltage and other faults. At this time, the transformer should be overhauled. Generally, "three-phase power failure" is the above four reasons. Through the investigation from easy to difficult, the real cause of the failure can be found step by step. If the manufacturer has such a problem, he can first check the power problem, such as whether the power plug is old or not. Aging, resulting in poor contact, causing this fault code to appear.