How to buy children gym equipment for your baby
    • Last updated May 6, 2022
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How to buy children gym equipment for your baby

Posted By hengyuanshijia hengyuanshijia     May 6, 2022    


A reader chatted with Dad Mao before, saying that his baby was smashed by the children gym equipment for the second time, and asked if there was a problem with the children gym equipment itself, and whether to return it. Later, Dad Mao learned about the situation and realized that he had been putting the children gym equipment on the crib... This is a very wrong and potentially safe usage...

Children gym equipment is an imported product. Many domestic businesses only know how to sell children gym equipment, but they do not teach Baoma how to use children gym equipment. In fact, the children gym equipment comes with a mat just for the baby to play on the floor so that the children gym equipment can be placed securely without any safety concerns.

Compared with other domestic businesses, IKEA is very strict in this regard. The descriptions of the two Reka children gym equipment have such warnings: For the safety of your children, it is forbidden to use this product in a crib.

If you look closely at the advertisements of the big brands of children gym equipment, you will see that the scene in the advertisement is the floor, and there is no bed.

In short, the support at the bottom of the children gym equipment must be firm and flat, and if your crib is a firm bed, it can also be placed on the bed.

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