Have you ever eaten a sandwich, do you wear a sandwich fabric?

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Have you ever eaten a sandwich, do you wear a sandwich fabric?

Posted By bea mattressfabric     October 17, 2018    


To ask what is the hot topic in the clothing industry in recent years, the answer is nothing more than functional fabric clothing. With the development of the times, consumers' awareness of clothing has also changed a lot.

People often hope that the clothing will be beautiful and comfortable, while also having extra features. High cost performance is an important factor in the purchase of clothing. In addition, wind, waterproof, fireproof, sunscreen, UV protection, insulation, heat insulation, ventilation, quick-drying, intelligent and other added value, also greatly enhance the appeal of such clothing products to consumers.

Today, the advent of sandwich fabric offers consumers a new option to purchase functional apparel.

The sandwich fabric consists of three faces: upper, middle and lower. The surface is usually meshed, the middle layer is the MOLO yarn connecting the surface and the bottom surface, and the bottom surface is usually a densely woven flat surface, commonly known as "sandwich". There is a dense mesh under the fabric, so that the surface of the net is not too deformed, which enhances the fastness and color of the fabric. The mesh effect gives the fabric a more modern and sporty mesh effect. It is made of high-molecular synthetic fiber woven by a precision machine. It is durable and belongs to the finest in warp knitted fabric.

Sandwich fabrics are used in a wide range of applications, such as:

  1. It can produce shoes for the upper: good ventilation.
  2. The shoulder strap that can produce the bag: the elasticity is relatively large, which can reduce the shoulder pressure of the child.
  3. Can produce pillows: better elasticity, can improve sleep quality.
  4. It can produce baby carriage cushion: the elasticity is better, and the child can sit comfortably.
  5. Can produce golf bags, sports protective gear, toys, sports shoes, mattresses, etc.

The so-called sandwich fabric is a general term for these composite structural fabrics. The products developed by each company will vary somewhat in specific materials and processes, so the function of the fabric will vary.

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