Wedding Detail Photos: 5 Ideas to Include in Your Album

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Wedding Detail Photos: 5 Ideas to Include in Your Album

Posted By afaqs afaqs     May 8, 2022    


Not only will you be the protagonists in the photos, but also the details of the wedding that you chose with care (the decoration, the food, the place, etc.), so how not to include them in the marriage album. Your photographer will play a key role.

The guests will be very happy to be able to accompany you on the day of your marriage and you so excited that you may miss leaving a photographic memory about the details you chose for the wedding. Fortunately, your photographer will be there to immortalize the decoration for marriage, the magnificent posters or blackboards with the phrases of love welcome to the celebration, among others. Thus, every time they see their marriage album they will be able to relive what the collected hairstyle looked like, the candy table and even the happy face of friends and family after their "yes, I accept".

The following photo ideas of all the details of your wedding can inspire you to have an album like no other.

  1. Jewellery and other accessories

How about including some shots dedicated to their wedding rings? Although the photography professional will know which shots are the best. They could suggest that they take into account not only the rings, but also other accessories such as, the groom's twins that may be supported on the shirt, the crown of flowers that she will wear in the hairstyle for loose hair, the inherited earrings or other jewellery that have an important value for the ceremony and for you.

  1. Wedding dress and groom suit

These images will also be key and will make your wedding album very complete, because how not to leave a memory of the wedding dress with sleeve, the lace details on the skirt, the floral appliques or embroidery, the neckline on the back. These are just some of the aspects that a creative photographer in Birmingham will be able to reflect. And to achieve this you may opt for ideas such as hanging the dress on the hook or leaving it extended on the bed, he or she will have in his or her head with what angle you can get the most out of it.

The same will happen with the accessories and the groom's suit. The set of jacket and pants or just highlighting a detail that attracts attention such as the customization of the jacket, the collar, the cuffs of the shirt or similar. A photograph of the accessories you will wear: the tie, the watch, the perfume, etc.

  1. The decoration

It is about leaving a record of the details of the decoration of the church for marriage, of the reception, of the posters that indicate where each space is located in the outdoor wedlock;also if the tables will have floral arrangements for wedding, or other outstanding elements that they want to have as a souvenir.

  1. The banquet

There were many hours spent thinking about what to offer their guests for the banquet. Perhaps they have consulted from their Marriage Website the preference of menu, especially for those who lead a healthy lifestyle or have dietary restrictions. Either way, the professional will be able to capture with his lens the buffet table or just when the staff is serving the dishes. Imagine what the colours of an exquisite salad, a roll and sauce, cheese boards and sausages to snack on, or dispensers with soft drinks will look like.

  1. Souvenirs For Guests

Finally, the details or wedding souvenirs for guests. Your photographer will be able to make some plans of the fans that will be, perhaps, in a wicker basket at the entrance of the ceremony, if it is a country marriage; at the souvenir station or if they have preferred to leave them on the place where each family member or friend will sit.

If you are planning to hire a photographer for bridal shoot, search for “wedding photographers near me” on internet for various options. Another option is to contact AFAQ’s Photo Gallery for best services at affordable prices!