Status Of Jumbo Roll Printer

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Status Of Jumbo Roll Printer

Posted By run Hydrotech     May 10    


Analysis of the current situation of water-based ink

In my country, due to the limitation of technical level, flexographic printing is mainly based on the printing of paper products such as cartons, paper cups, cartons, labels and so on. The proportion is negligible.


Nevertheless, from the perspective of 2018, there are several phenomena worth paying attention to. One is that a certain scale of oil-to-water attempts has begun to appear in my country's printing market, especially in central China. The second is from the point of view of the increment of printing presses, the increase of flexographic printing presses greatly exceeds that of gravure printing presses. Mainly with breathable films, non-woven flexo printing machines increase the most. It shows that my country has made great progress in the printing technology of jumbo roll printer. In the past, the adhesion and drying speed of water-based inks on non-absorbent materials such as plastic films have been solved.


Under the background that the state advocates new development concepts such as "environmental protection, innovation, coordination, green, openness, and sharing", flexographic printing will inevitably usher in good development opportunities. However, under this opportunity, we also need to see The current dilemma of flexo ink, the reason why flexo ink has never made a big breakthrough in the field of soft packaging has a lot to do with the research and development and investment of our ink industry. Since ink is based on acrylic resin, it is decided that food paper manufacturer's drying speed and weather resistance on flexible package printing need to be optimized.