China Printing Fabric Suppliers Introduces The Realization Process Of Embossing Process

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China Printing Fabric Suppliers Introduces The Realization Process Of Embossing Process

Posted By haiwei home     May 15    


Nowadays, people's requirements for clothing styles and patterns are getting higher and higher. Fashion designers often have many different ideas in the design process. Naturally, they need the cooperation of processing technology to make them. China Printing Fabric Suppliers introduces clothing fabrics The method of embossing:

Clothing fabric embossing is also a relatively simple production process. First, the raw materials are toned. The second step is to vacuum. The third step is the automatic dispensing machine for feeding. The fourth step is the hot pressing of the embossing machine. The fourth step is to freeze the mold, which is the entire production process.

Also known as heaven and earth mold and letter mold in the industry, the shape of the embossing is formed according to the mold. In actual operation, we first coat (or silkscreen) a layer of embossed silicone on the fabric, then clamp it with a heaven and earth mold, and finally press it with a hot press.There are two kinds of operations: direct printing and sticking cloth printing, the only difference between the two is that the latter folds the fabric in half after applying the embossed silicone.

The standard for measuring the embossing effect is that it does not collapse after high-temperature washing, and still maintains a three-dimensional sense, so the embossing material needs to have a certain hardness.

Through the above introduction, China Dyeing Fabric Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.