The ridiculous skill tree added in Path of Exile can add more content
    • Last updated April 14, 2020
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The ridiculous skill tree added in Path of Exile can add more content

Posted By Cucclvince Cucclvince     April 14, 2020    


Grinding Gear Games announced the POE Chaos Orb Path of Exile's Delirium expansion alliance on Tuesday, which will be the first expansion in 2020. This is an expansion of inner fear that makes the battle of the game more difficult. But as a bonus, players can add new skills to the end of the game's already absurd skill tree. The expansion function will be officially launched in March.
In Path of Exile, players will encounter Mirror of Delirium around the world. Through interaction with the Mirror of Delirium, players will cover the nearby area with fog. In the mist will generate new monsters, these monsters are very powerful. And these mists make the game more difficult, such as Brine King, Ambush Strongboxes and Betrayal Encounters.
In Delirium, the stronger the monster the player encounters, the harder the situation, and the better the reward. Different regions will provide different rewards, but players will eventually be able to enter the final game map and use the Mirror of Delirium in the region. As players deepen the game, the battle becomes more and more difficult. Of course, the rewards are getting richer.
Cluster Jewels is a new item in Path of Exile, you can't imagine how cool it is. Players can use Cluster Jewels to Buy POE Currency customize the nodes of the new skill tree and attach them to the Path of Exile ’s Passive Skill Tree.
With Jewel Clusters, players can create their own skill trees and even connect some Jewel Clusters. These Clusters are random. Since 2016, Grinding Gear Games claims that this will be the biggest change in how players build.
Knife-skill users and wand-wielders users of Path of Exile can learn new skills like Blade Blast and Kinetic Bolt, both of which create new skills.