Cancer surgeon for lungs in north india
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Cancer surgeon for lungs in north india

Posted By Pramoj Jindal     May 17    


Lung cancer diagnosis, your doctor will determine the next steps in your treatment. Lung cancer is when abnormal cells develop and divide in the lungs. Although the disease starts in the lungs, it can spread to other parts of the body. So it’s important to detect it early and receive treatment.

Cancer surgeon for lungs in north india

Treatment for lung cancer varies. Options include chemotherapy drugs or radiation to destroy cancer cells. Another option is immunotherapy, which can boost your immune system to fight the disease.

Cancer surgeon for lungs in north india

Your doctor may also recommend surgery. This depends on the size of the tumor, its location within the lungs, and whether it has spread to nearby organs and tissue.

Cancer surgeon for lungs in north india

Surgery removes cancerous tumors from the body. It’s often used to treat early stage non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). If your doctor believes surgery is the best approach, you may have one of the following procedures.

Cancer surgeon for lungs in north india

Lung cancer surgery is an option for some patients depending on the type, location and stage of their lung cancer and other medical conditions. Attempts to cure lung cancer with the surgery involve removing the tumor along with some surrounding lung tissue and often lymph nodes in the region of the tumor.

Cancer surgeon for lungs in north india

Removing the tumor with lung cancer surgery is considered the best option when the cancer is localized and unlikely to have spread. This includes early stage non-small cell lung cancers and carcinoid tumors.

Cancer surgeon for lungs in north india

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