The Reality about MLS Listing and Searches Online | Explained!

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The Reality about MLS Listing and Searches Online | Explained!

Posted By Walla Tens     May 17    



This article attempts to explain what most buyers don't understand about MLS Real Estate Property Listings on, by far is one of my favorite subjects, the information here is simply a reflection of my knowledge and opinions on the use of the MLS systems for casually browsing for properties on the internet.


Early Process of Searching for Homes


The internet is a great source to use in your early process of searching for homes in the areas that are desirable to you. The multitude of websites have all kinds of nice tools for you to analyze and do some initial research without some pesky real estate agent breathing down your neck. I am a realtor and I do the same thing, I love to peruse different properties in different states, just to compare prices and see what values are like in different areas of our country.




Statistics tell us that the average buyer spends about 6 months on the internet looking for properties before they start seriously considering moving forward to the process of physically looking at and purchasing a home. Now here is where things get a little confusing to the average buyer once they are raring to go, this is how the internet sites work from this point in your journey.


So now you might start wondering, this is very nice of all these websites to offer me all this information for free, gee I wonder why they are doing this? Money, and I mean big money!! Ever notice how your spam picks up after an intense period of surfing the internet real estate web sites! It's all about advertising revenue and possibly obtaining you as a future client.


Increasing Their Profits


Another thing that these websites do is they will leave a property on their website, long after the home has sold, they don't go out of their way to remove the property because it increases the amount of homes that people will inquire about, therefore increasing their profits. In fact in my research 30-35% of the time the home you are looking at will be in escrow, some sites will let you know that others may not.




So, here's my point, is that how you want to meet the agent that you are going to use to help you make one of the most important decisions of you life? Of course not! Don't get me wrong, the internet is still the place to go when you are just starting out, but when it comes time to seriously looking for a home you will want the best buyers agent that you can. I strongly suggest that you find a buyers agent that will work for you, it will be to your advantage in every way imaginable.