Tips To Choose Right Handbag Straps:

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Tips To Choose Right Handbag Straps:

Posted By ls leather     May 18, 2022    



Are you going to choose the bag strap for your favourite bags? Consider the following useful information while selecting the replacement handbag straps Australia.



While you are thinking to change or replace the bag strap, it is important to ensure the right size of it so that you won’t feel discomfort while carrying bags. 

How To Choose Handbags Straps Length:

The leather bag strap includes the attachable hooks which mean the total strap length equals from one end to another (along with the hook). The strap length may differ from the drop length including the distance from the top of the strap to the top of the bag. You should measure the length of the strap from end to end as the drop length relies on the bag type and the attire you are carrying, for instance, if you are wearing a heavy coat, go for the strap that completes your personal needs. 


The standard length of the vachetta leather strap determines carrying your bag with comfort and pleasure. Here are a few tips to determine what length is appropriate for your handbag.

Take a piece of string or yarn and measure the length of the bag. The correct way to do it is to attach the yarn to your bag and adjust it until it is perfect. Now, measure the yarn from end to end to have an accurate measurement of the leather keyring bag strap.


Another great method is to find another handbag with the same strap length you want to replicate you also measure the size with tape to determine the perfect strap length. 

Most online/offline stores have customizable bag straps that fit customer needs precisely.


How To Choose Handbags Straps Width?

  • The leather straps Australia width relates to the portion of the strap that remains on the user’s shoulders or in your hand as some carry the bags using its strap as a top handle. In other words the wider the bag strip is, the heavier bag you will be able to carry. Most importantly, if you have a sensitive shoulder due to arthritis, a wider bag strap is a perfect choice.
  • Moreover, if you choose skinnier straps, they may stick on your shoulder better preventing the bag from slipping off or falling off.
  • Perfect leather straps Australia offer flexibility & freedom to carry a handbag. Additionally, you can determine the size of the strap based on the usage frequency.

Have you observed a bag you love the appearance of, yet wish it had an alternate length strap, different variety or was thicker/more solid? Indeed, presently you can get that bag and add a custom IsLeather bag strap so your new pack is only how you need it!



With an “IsLeather” lash, you have the opportunity to wear your pack precisely in the manner in which you need. There’s a compelling reason need to stress over how a pack will look or hang with the tie it accompanied. Presently, that decision is yours, with a tie that meets your requirements, state of mind or style!

Assuming you have questions or need direction with choosing your black bag strap, if it’s not too much trouble, go ahead and reach us.