Dungeons and Warriors: Level 100 dungeons have increased difficulty

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Dungeons and Warriors: Level 100 dungeons have increased difficulty

Posted By Amy Stephen     April 16, 2020    


With the update of the underground city, it is not difficult to find that the underground city has become more and more simple? For old players, this is a very strange phenomenon. The new dungeons are training people, at least in terms of experience. Monsters and lords have become more and more resistant to fighting, no longer hung up in one or two times as before.

For experienced players, it is a waste of time to do simple tasks to earn Cheap DFO Gold, so they generally choose a more reliable online store to buy directly. However, some dungeons have abused us so badly in the new dungeons. These two dungeons can only be challenged at level 100, but they are training people. The +10 level 100 epic weapons have begun to stand by!

The dungeon is one of the dungeons rich in mythical equipment, like the guidance of wisdom. But the painful dungeon is much harder than the smart guide! The dungeon can not be played hard, there are many mechanisms here, no less than a tough battle. The easiest one is that effective evasion is not possible. It is not difficult to find that there is only one trail in the painful basement, and it is difficult to make effective evasion! The only way is to make quick decisions.

The Dark Temple is much better than the Basement of Pain. The Dark Temple has no special mechanisms. The mobs are still very fleshy, but the monsters' attacks have been strengthened again, and they can't eat them at all! It is more painful for elite monsters to beat people, and even more painful than elite monsters in painful basements! If you don't work hard, you can't hold back the blood medicine.

For the lord, it is even more against the sky. Our skills do not hurt at all. On the contrary, when the lord hits us, it hurts. If you can, the lord can even kill us! It's a real headache not to team up. Many players have always bought DFO Gold on https://www.mmob2c.com/ partly because their supply is very stable and the delivery speed is particularly fast.