Betting on Rocket League: what to bet on and what strategies to use?
    • Last updated May 23, 2022
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Betting on Rocket League: what to bet on and what strategies to use?

Posted By Anton Turov     May 23, 2022    


Rocket League Betting Tips

Rocket League is a fast-paced arcade game about combat racing on a football field in powerful cars with different upgrades and abilities. As a basis, the idea was taken from a similar project, the concept of which is very similar to the Rocket League

Rocket League how to bet

Today there are a lot of Internet users who themselves love to play racing simulators, and also actively follow the news and bet on the Rocket League, the number of such people is constantly increasing. Let's take a closer look at the features of placing bets on a football racing simulator.

Rules and essence of the game

The rules of the Rocket League game are quite simple. The main gameplay is built around a football match, only instead of the usual football players, players control racing cars that have different abilities, which make the game more spectacular. A team consists of three players, one at the gate and two in the field.

Rocket League Tournament Betting

In Rocket League, in addition to football, other sports modes are available, such as hockey and basketball. All official championships are held in the classic mode of the game. In tournament mode, players play on 8 types of maps, on which points with bonuses and various obstacles are placed. Thanks to improved graphics, excellent soundtrack, and additional modes, the game quickly gained popularity.

What tournaments and how often do they take place?

Rocket League, as an esports discipline, holds a large number of fully open championships and competitions. The largest tournaments offer participating teams cash prizes that can reach $1,000,000.

Tournaments that are covered in the bookmaker:

Rocket League Championship Series is the main championship. The game developers have created a tournament with a large winning amount - $1,000,000. Teams from all over the world take part in the matches of this championship.
Shift Pro League is a small championship that is popular among bettors. The winner of the tournament is guaranteed to receive 120 euros.

GhostBoosters is an amateur tournament with good investor support. The winner receives a prize up to $500.

ESL Open Cups - the most interesting and popular competitions are held here. The ESL gaming platform is responsible for broadcasting and organizing these tournaments. The event is completely open, so anyone can participate, so the vast majority of participants are not professional cybersportsmen. The winner receives the prize: 500 euros.

ESL Major Cups is a medium-sized tournament with a prize pool of 500 euros. These events are interesting for players with experience. The main prize is not 500 euros, but also in-game awards and titles.