Tips for Navigating Through the Lesbian Dating Scene

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Tips for Navigating Through the Lesbian Dating Scene

Posted By Emily Clarke     May 24    


Think you're ready to dip your toes into the lesbian dating pool? Dating is hard enough when you're straight. It can be scary to navigate the waters as a queer woman!

But before you hide out in solitude, know that the struggle is well worth it! You deserve to find love. While awkward and scary, the adventure is a big part of the magic.

So sharpen your lesbian gaydar and buckle up! Here are tips to help you navigate the dating scene.

Put Yourself Out There

One of the biggest challenges for lesbians is simply meeting other gals. If you don't have the best lesbian gaydar, you can inadvertently hit on a straight woman or miss clear signs of attraction.

Despite all that, don't be afraid to get out there! Visit gay bars and sign up for inclusive dating apps. Go to safe queer spaces and meet as many women as you can. Click here for more information on lesbian gaydar.

Get a Proud Wing Woman

Do you have out and proud friends? Use them as your wing women! Confident lesbians can attract all the right attention.

Best of all, your friends can introduce you to potential suitors. They already know you and your preferences. Setups take the stress out of the equation, skipping right to the dates.

Be Mindful of Date Locations

Always be careful about where you take your date. Despite all the progress we've made as a society, there are still ignorant people out there.

Not only are there homophobes, but you can quickly become a target of straight-man fetishizing. Stick to safe spaces that let you get to know your date in peace.

Don't Get Ahead of Yourself

You've probably heard a million jokes about how lesbians are quick to commit. Don't let yourself be one of those stereotypes.

Be realistic about your dates, and don't get too far ahead of yourself. Even if she's terrific, take things slow and don't fall in love right away.

Be Comfortable in Your Skin

Our last tip is to be yourself! It's your turn to live authentically and have fun. Don't put too much stress behind your dates.

Enjoy each others' company and live freely. You deserve it!

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