Brain and spine injury in North-West Delhi
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Brain and spine injury in North-West Delhi

Posted By Vineet VARGHESE     May 25    


Brain and Spine Surgery
Your nervous system affects the way you think, speak and move. There are many types of neurosurgery, and each is complex and delicate. Our neurosurgery team specializes in a variety of techniques aimed at the most positive outcomes and smoothest recoveries possible.
Brain surgery
Many conditions are treated with brain surgery. The most common include:
Deep brain stimulation
Deep brain stimulation is a treatment for movement disorders, tremors, epilepsy and chronic pain. This surgery attempts to relieve symptoms and restores proper nervous system function.
During this procedure, electrodes are implanted in the brain and attached under the skin to a neurostimulator placed in your chest.
Similar to a pacemaker, the neurostimulator sends electrical pulses to the brain to block pain and tremor-causing signals.
Spine surgery
Surgery can help relieve pain when non-invasive treatments aren’t enough. Your procedure will depend on the severity and cause of pain, your overall health and your post-surgery goals.