Dungeon Fighter Online: Open a gold group here to get a lot of DFO Gold

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Dungeon Fighter Online: Open a gold group here to get a lot of DFO Gold

Posted By Amy Stephen     April 19, 2020    


For everyone, the 100-level version should be madly brushing the abyss, but one month later, the white-faced number has been painted almost, so what do we do if we do n’t use the abyss number fatigue? The first should be to do tasks. At present, the highest income is about 1.8 million Cheap DFO Gold. Did your friends think that you can change your mind, such as opening a gold group?

So where to open a gold group? There are a lot of returning players. Many friends are helpless about the daily blocking of Prey. Because the 100 version is opened, there are relatively few people who brush Prey daily. Then there are still many people who have been pre-tasks of Prey's copy at this time. Let ’s talk about the threshold for opening gold here. Basic 120 billion C can easily bring a free milk tow 2 pure C bosses. If your injury reaches more than 300 billion, you can take off the three bosses directly Just fine.

At present, the more reasonable cost should be around 50W, and the fatigue that remains after one day of playing 2 + 2 is just three waves. If you calculate it according to a wave of 100W income, the actual income of the three waves can be about 285. Transaction fees are deducted, which is more fulfilling and has a higher income. Many players prefer to buy DFO Gold from https://www.mmob2c.com/ which is not only cheap, but the most important is safety and fast delivery. It can help players bring a better gaming experience.

This is the time for the mad war to flee the picture. The damage of the five drugs of the green sandbags of the mad warrior in 20 seconds is about 150 billion. Here is the flow of clouds and water. Everyone has a lot of epic in the 100-level version, as soon as possible to match their favorite equipment.