Path of Exile game team shared how to design Delirium's unique items
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    • Last updated April 19, 2020
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Path of Exile game team shared how to design Delirium's unique items

Posted By CSCA CSCA     April 19, 2020    


In addition to the most important game items such as POE Currency, The Path of Exile team also shared some additional information on how they designed some of Delirium ’s unique items. Specifically, this article mainly introduces keystone jewels and voices.

Keystone jewelry was created based on a long list of more than 30 suggestions made by designers, many of which are impossible. These versions are more targeted than ordinary trapezoidal distortion, and their purpose is to create or enhance niche interactions that may facilitate the generation of new versions.

Its characteristic is that it has nothing and its focus is hollow and hollow. It was originally suggested by the effects artist and then went through various design iterations. We must ensure that we can make it coexist with Facebreaker. Therefore, the original design disables the item slot and has specific restrictions on each attribute. This is too wordy, so in order to clean up the description and prevent potential problems that limit the location of the project, an "unburdened" state was created. Unrestrained means that you are not currently equipped with weapons, gloves, quiver or shield, which is a condition we can use again in the future.

An unfettered country provides us with an interesting restriction that allows us to create a monk or crazy melee theme. We can therefore give Keystone great power. Tests show that it has a strong leveling ability. In the development process, we reduced the attack speed multiplier and added additional compensation losses to alleviate it to some extent, but we cannot reduce it further without compromising the design.

Before formulating a famous notable, sound was one of the first Cluster Jewel designs we created. When initially displayed it comes with a blank passive and three jewelry slots. Especially when there is only one small passive component, it is clear that this has become a very powerful and unique feature during the iteration of Cluster Jewels. So in order to have some versions of the item require more investment than others we created the only version with multiple blank passive objects. We avoid achieving balance solely through rarity. But the nature of this gem is so interesting that we do n’t want to minimize the goals it can achieve. It is the rarest unique product offered by Simulacrum. This can only be used when using many other Cluster Jewels.

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