Social Share Buttons on Shopify Store | How Do They Impact Conversions?

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Social Share

Social Share Buttons on Shopify Store | How Do They Impact Conversions?

Posted By Femag Jills     May 28    



Social sharing buttons allow customers to display their eCommerce purchases on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or other platforms. Most online shoppers use at least one social media form, so these buttons advertise the Shopify store for free. Add this feature to separate product pages to focus on specific items.


Social sharing buttons also make it convenient for users who want to post a specific product by eliminating the extra steps of copying, pasting, and posting to a separate website. Want to know how to add social share buttons to a Shopify, check the linked source. 


Choosing which Social Networks to Integrate with a Shopify Store


While Shopify store owners have the option to choose almost any social sharing network, some platforms are more compatible than others. Facebook and Pinterest are highly visual networks and some consumers use Pinterest as a digital wish list. LinkedIn isn't used much for this feature because product placement doesn't fit the way most members use the platform.


When Should Social Share Buttons Be Used?


In addition to using these buttons wisely, it's important to place them where they won't spoil the shopping experience. Once someone has made a purchase, give them the opportunity to share it. However, dainty sharing buttons on product pages lead to product placement on social media so customers will remember them later. Social sharing should never be distracted from the goal of increasing trade.


It is important to consider the target audience of the Shopify store. Older generation consumers shop online, but even if they use social media, they are less likely to share their purchases with others. Depending on the product category, sometimes social sharing buttons are not needed.


Conversion-Friendly Buttons


Social sharing buttons are often effective in improving social proof. Showing potential customers how many people have bought and recommended the product will help them believe in the purchase. Here are some ways to use social sharing buttons effectively.


Test Everything


A/B testing helps Shopify store owners determine the best placement for buttons on product pages, the optimal size, and the effectiveness of counters. A/B testing also determines which version of the page changes better: with or without social sharing buttons.


Prioritize Sales


Free social media advertising is great, but the main goal is to increase conversions. It is important to note that social sharing buttons should not interfere with the customer's buying process. Using smaller button sizes preserves sharing for customers who want it, without disrupting the user experience for those who don't. Larger buttons distract consumers from completing the transaction.


Social Media Buttons for the Confirmation Page


Since social sharing buttons can confuse customers on product pages, waiting for a purchase confirmation is an optimal time to encourage sharing. Customers have already felt safe buying the product, allowing them to express their enthusiasm and share the purchase on social media.