New experience brought by Path of Exile Legion Expansion
    • Last updated April 21, 2020
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New experience brought by Path of Exile Legion Expansion

Posted By Cucclvince Cucclvince     April 21, 2020    


Good news, players, the latest Path of Exile Legion Expansion has been announced. Players will have the opportunity to fight five armies from the POE Currency Buy history of the dungeon crawler, with major modifications scheduled to facilitate close combat. This league has brought us a lot of fun, whether you are a new player or an old player.
Five Ancient Legions
POE Currency
When the player enters Monolith, the central area of ​​the alliance with the new content of the legion, they will be teleported to Domain of Timeless Conflict. Here, enemies will be frozen until the timer runs out, and then each enemy ’s player tab will be resurrected and attack them. So, within this fixed time, you must attack as many enemies as possible. Of course, these times are enough for you to arrange an annihilation strategy.
Path of Exile Legion five armies The new army you will fight
Some of these monsters will drop debris when they are killed, and each army has its own corresponding sliver. Gather 50 of them into an Emblem and summon an army through Map equipment. Players need two to five emblems to activate new content, and it takes a few days to earn enough fragments. Twelve new items have also been added, and a new set of features has been attached. Okuna's will can summon zombies without corpses and make your zombies count as corpses. Voll's Protector is an older item that has been upgraded with Legion, making it very useful for players who want to build tanks.
New Combat, Updated Tutorial
Path of Exile is undergoing major battle overhaul in order to make the game screen smoother. You can cancel the MMOAH attack animation, immediately activate the mobile skills, and melee attacks will hit multiple enemies. With Legion, Path of Exile developers have decided to go back and make those early game bosses feel difficult again. Now, each player can get a very early movement ability at the beginning of the game, so that he can avoid and weave the upcoming attack. Hope this will make the early games more interesting and attract more players to join the growing video game.