What is an Onboarding Email?

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What is an Onboarding Email?

Posted By Emily Clarke     May 30, 2022    


So, you’ve created an app, and it’s getting downloads. Great! Now the challenge becomes getting users to stick with your app. You might think that because you’ve built such an amazing piece of software that it’s obvious why users would stick around, but did you know that you’re likely to lose users without utilizing an email onboarding campaign?

What to Include in Onboarding Emails

Simply put, an onboarding email is a way to introduce users to your software. In an onboarding email, you can include a note of thanks for the purchase or download, an introduction to the application, and links to helpful guides and tutorials. The goal is to provide easy access for new users to familiarize themselves with your application and put it to good use.

Without providing an onboarding email, users may feel lost or abandoned, and as such, they may abandon your product. An onboarding email campaign lets users know you care, provides useful information, and reassures users that they have someone to turn to for help when needed.

Why a Campaign?

While a single onboarding email may be sufficient for some applications, an email onboarding campaign is often more effective because it gives you the chance to shape and craft the user experience. For example, you could start off by sending out the introductory welcome/thank you email right after download.To learn more about an email onboarding campaign, click here.

Afterward, you could send an email explaining basic tips for general functions within the first few days. Next, you could send out an email a week later explaining intermediate functions for users who have become comfortable with the application. This process could then continue as you walk a user through more advanced functionality.

In the end, your campaign not only provides useful information, but it also allows you to market the ecosystem of your application and brand. These emails give you the opportunity to introduce additional applications and add-on services to enhance the user experience as well. In your onboarding emails, you can then provide ways for users to give feedback or share their experiences through reviews, further bolstering your marketing efforts.

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