Pros And Cons of Search Engine Optimization

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Pros And Cons of Search Engine Optimization

Posted By Shruti Rawat     May 31, 2022    


SEO bring a bright light to your business if all thing goes well. SEO and search engine optimization is a process that helps to create traffic on your website. SEO can assure you of accuracy. Your success depends on which technique and tools you are using. There is no guarantee but if you do well, you will earn a profit.

Small businesses can't invest in expensive advertisements. It will cost them a fortune. So what can they do to promote themselves? SEO is the best solution. SEO service will provide you traffic and customers with low capital. 

Every process has its pros and cons. It is very important to know about them before starting using them. So that you could know how to prevent your business from failure. 

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Advantages of using SEO 

  • Generate traffic

With help of SEO, you can generate traffic on your website. Traffic means audience and SEO will bring specifically target audience. Our target audience is all we want for business to grow. After applying the SEO technique your website will visible to your audience 

There is a lot of technique to generate traffic on your website like writing an attractive and unforgettable article with keywords, writing a guest post, staying active on your social media handle, making your website easy to use and provide all information, using someone else blog for advertising, use Email Newsletters, apply backlink, and a lot more. It is a handful of work that's why many businesses hire an SEO Company in India to take help.

  • Business growth

How can your business grow? When you have more clients. SEO work just to get more clients for your business. It provides businesses with the exposure they need. Businesses need exposure to growth and technical tools of SEO to explore their business. 

The Internet is a wide place to grow. Your business will grow limitless if you apply SEO tools.  

  • Customer-friendly 

SEO takes your website to reach your target audience. It is customer-friendly because it applies tools that rank your website that will provide you with traffic. 

After researching your website customer will note the professionalism. This will impress them. When they will use it they will find it easy and comfortable with all important details. 

  • High Return on investment 

It is not an expenditure but an investment. When you are putting money into a process that will return as profit it counts on investment and in the case of SEO, there is a high ROI rate.

Drawback of SEO 

  • No promises 

SEO is a process that does not offer a guarantee. It is a complicated process sometimes it will provide you with good results and sometimes it's just not the time. SEO does not promise success. It is possible that even after applying all the techniques, you don't get rank 

To avoid a situation like this businesses should hire the best digital marketing company because they know which technique is helpful and which are just a waste of time. But still, even an SEO company will not promise the result.
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  • Longterm results

Businesses should never lose hope in the digital platform. You will not succeed in a day. It is a time-consuming process it may take months sometimes years. Just never lose hope.

  • Risk from Competitor

Every second day someone is making a website and become your competitor. SEO will promote your website on a digital platform and obviously, your competitor can see you and your process. There is a chance that they can copy your strategy.

  • Big investment 

It is a big investment with no guarantee. You can lose your capital and most important your time if you don't work systematically. No doubt it is comparatively less expensive than the traditional way but still, it is capital including investment. 


SEO is a very technical job so you should not put your business at risk if you don't understand the process. It is a time-consuming process so you can't lose hope over it too soon

There are risks and no guarantee in SEO but if you choose the best digital marketing company your chances will rise. As we already mention SEO does not provide a guarantee, so if you succeed it will provide you with a High Return on investment but, if it doesn't help it is a Big investment loss.