Parts of car that increase your performance
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Parts of car that increase your performance

Posted By the diesel outlet     May 31, 2022    


The Bilstein 24 185776 shock absorber is a direct adaptation solution for forklifts and SUVs. These shock absorbers have a single-tube design that provides smooth, fade-free performance. The B8 5100 shock absorber uses a unique speed-sensitive downward piston that responds to changing road conditions.


All Bilstein 24 253161 shock absorbers are designed for specific applications to achieve optimum performance and dramatically improve the ride quality and driving characteristics.



Bully dog bdx performance tuner gives drivers the edge they need to tackle rough terrain, carry heavy loads and increase highway fuel economy. Its sleek design, full-colour display, and customizable gauges help track and adjust power train performance to deliver more power and torque when you need it most.


Connecting cloud-based tuning over built-in Wi-Fi means that bdx performance always performs the latest tuning, allowing drivers to be one step ahead of the pack.

Instantly add horsepower and torque to your car by reprogramming your car's computer

  • Full-colour LCD screen
  • Custom tuning function
  • Monitor and record important vehicle engine parameters
  • Cloud-based Tune Delivery and built-in Wi-Fi for easy online updates
  • Most of the Ford / GM / Dodge / Toyota / Nissan 96+ performance tuning coils are biased

Diesel engines are not damaged. Apart from running a diesel engine without oil and filling the fuel tank with petrol instead of diesel, anything that hurts or kills a diesel engine is more than an excessively high exhaust gas temperature (EGT).


It's faster, but oddly enough, it's not equipped with diesel trucks and mobile homes. It is equipped with a pyrometer as standard equipment for IgE monitoring. During the normal operation of such a vehicle, the EGT usually remains within safe limits. Still, the EGT can become very high and cause serious engine damage without warning the driver. The pyrometer showing diesel EGT can warn the driver of a dangerous situation before such damage occurs. That's probably why diesel pyrometer is one of the most popular items, and Pyrometer is included as part of many power systems.


Benefits of pyrometer

A thermometer is a thermometer designed to measure temperatures above those that can be measured with a standard thermometer. It consists of a temperature sensing probe (thermocouple) located in the area or flow to be measured. The probe is connected to a pressure gauge at a safe distance from the hot source. For diesel engines, the pyrometer detection probe is installed directly after the exhaust outlet or turbocharger outlet and the meter is installed in the cab. The purpose is to measure and display EGT in Fahrenheit (F.). 


Basic terms of powerstroke injector

The 6.0 Powerstroke Injector is sold as a complete set of eight and is covered by a 24-month unlimited mileage warranty. All injectors require a core, but there are two real ways to handle this. You can charge the core first and then charge it when you receive a new injector, or you can prepay for basic shipping at that time. Payment will be made upon receipt of the core within 30 days of purchase.