Avoiding Junk Food
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Avoiding Junk Food

Posted By Norma Garnica     April 22, 2020    


Food plays a significant role in the life of every person as a necessary element for survival. Besides, it affects the shape of the body and helps to grow into adult. However, not all food is useful for the organism and even can harm it because of numerous synthetic chemicals. Thus, consumption of the junk food is a crucial issue that needs a thorough analysis for understanding the real harm that it brings and identification of the ways how to exclude it from the everyday life https://topdissertations.com/professional-marketing-plan/.


The junk food is a processed food, which is why its state is not natural. Besides, such food is stripped of definite nutrients. Various cakes, chips, ice creams, and chewing gums are full of chemical preservatives and synthetic vitamins, which prolong the expiry date of the products and reduce costs for its storage and manufacture. Thus, it is necessary to pay a significant attention to the danger that the junk food causes. The majority of the ingredients which such food contains are genetically modified and can significantly affect the formation of the birth defects, cause cancer and organ failure. Such food does not have sufficient level of essential minerals and vitamins. Besides, it does not provide the organism with the energy and has no positive influence on the immunity boosting and support of the cell growth. The harmful synthetic chemicals influence the condition of the organism through interfering with the metabolism process and lead to the chemical imbalance in the body. Such phenomenon usually causes fatigue, obesity, and acidosis. The refined sugar in the junk food is the essential reason of the cancer occurrence. The constant consumption of the harmful food makes the blood of the person acidic and full of refined sugar, that is a perfect environment for the development of parasites and microorganisms. Thus, it would be useful for every person to pay attention to the reaction of the organism on such food, which is usually reflected in the fast heart beating, high blood pressure, and indigestion, and consider these factors as significant signs to stop its consumption.


The need in the junk food consumption is strongly connected with the several significant aspects. The first one is getting a great satisfaction from the junk food. The brain registers the pleasant feeling and demands to repeat those enjoyable moments again and again. The other significant aspect that generates the need to buy the junk food is its price and a longer period of storage. The healthy food is more expensive; besides, it requires much time for its preparation, when junk food is ready for consumption and its price is much lower. The convenience is the third crucial factor that raises the need to buy the semi-finished goods. The Journal of Agriculture and Resource Economics published that fast food chain has found the ways to make their products more accessible. For example, the number of the fast food restaurant significantly increased in the business areas that attract the busy people who have no time to prepare the healthy food.


During the 20 years, a food scientist Steven Witherly investigated the theme why the junk food makes the people more addictive. He outlined two factors that cause the problem occurrence. The first is a pleasant sensation of the food eating and its smell. The food companies spend millions of dollars investigating the best level of crunch in the potato chips and the perfect number of fizzle in soda. The second factor is the actual macronutrient composition of the food. The junk food manufacturers search for the absolute combination of sugar, salt, and fat that make the brain of the person to buy the product. People are also attracted by the dynamic contrast that is reflected in the mixing of the various sensations in the same food. The significant aspect is a specific ingredient that helps to avoid the sensory specific response making the brain not to get tired of eating the junk food. Such technology is based on the conviction of the brain that the organism gets necessary nutrients, which are represented in the specific mixture of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, which tell the brain that it is important to eat more to get enough calories.


Visualization is a significant aspect that attracts the attention of the customers to the junk food. It is hard to refuse from the consumption of the tasty hamburger when seeing its colorful and appetizing picture on the billboard. Similarly, it is hard not to buy the candies in the bright covers that do not let to pass by. Marketing specialists and designers thoroughly think over the ways how to attract the customer. However, visualization also can help to reduce the desire to eat the harmful food. For example, the person can visualize the extra stress that the organism receives trying to deliver the blood through the body with all excess fat around. Thus, it is useful to imagine how hard it would be to go to the market making exercise. The same feeling the organism that consumes the junk food has. It would be also useful to find the pictures in the internet which show the fatty organs and semi-digested fast food. Further, an effective visualization can be performed through watching a documentary film about the manufacturing of the fast food that will bring much knowledge about the added chemical components and their influence on the health.


The analysis of the problematic issue makes think over the right actions that will help to cope with it. The experts proved that the less junk food the person eats, the less he/she craves it. Such process is called gene reprogramming. It would be also rational to use the “outer ring” strategy that is based on buying less junk food. When the person does not see the harmful products at home, the desire to eat such food disappears. It is also beneficial to use the “five ingredient rules” according to which the person should not buy more than five ingredients. Thus, it is less possible that the person will buy five chocolates but will prefer to buy the products that will feed the organism, providing it with the necessary energy. Moreover, it is important to eat a variety of foods that will not make the organism demand anything new. Mixing of various food will bring a great pleasure and new sensations at the same time. As a significant reason to eat much is usually a stress, which makes definite regions of the brain release chemicals triggering organism to consume more fat and sugar, it would be rational to use simple breathing techniques, making art or doing different exercises instead of eating. That will help to relax and make the organism healthy.

The analysis of the junk food consumption phenomenon showed that it brings a lot of harm to the human organism and induces its ageing. However, there are still numerous techniques which can help the person to cope with the junk food addiction and make the organism healthier. When motivating oneself, it is important to understand that the healthy person will more easily achieve any goal because of greater amount of energy.