How to enter the world of tattoos without being a tattoo artist

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How to enter the world of tattoos without being a tattoo artist

Posted By inkclaw inkclaw     June 1, 2022    


Tattoo shops, or studios specializing in tattoos and piercings, are gradually but steadily increasing in every small and large city. It is currently counted that as many as 30% of people have at least one tattoo, given that it presents interesting growth prospects for the future as well. Tattoo Machines For Sale is on the rise, as are aspiring entrepreneurs and artists eager to set up their own in this industry.

It is necessary to be or hire qualified and experienced artists who know about Wireless Tattoo Machines. Entering the tattoo industry is possible even without having stringent skills.


What is needed?

It is essential to be able to offer a professional and competent service. For this reason, although not mandatory, it is important to know each product sold and all the basics of the world of tattooing and piercing. In addition to the initial training, it will be important to keep up to date with the news in the sector and the latest trends by participating in trade fairs and events to offer professional advice to customers and the best and most innovative products on the market.


Another element to consider when opening a shop for Tattoo Machines and piercing products is the location. Strategic points for opening a shop of this type are near tattoo studios, in central areas with a high pedestrian and vehicular influx.


Another fundamental aspect of opening a tattoo and piercing products shop will be to analyze the market, the competition, the target audience (s), and the real demand from the local market where you intend to open. Only by doing this will it be possible to create a successful format and offer the right range of products based on the real demands of the market. Finally, the presence on the web, a website, social networks and review sites, blogs and specialized sector magazines also play a key role.


The process

Starting a tattoo shop does not require artistic skills or a particular experience, but it requires a lot of passion for the sector and determination.

Entrepreneurial and organizational skills, financial acumen and a willingness to relate to customers will be needed. Opening a shop of products and equipment for tattoos and piercings lets you get in touch with private users, tattoo enthusiasts and professionals in the sector, and aspiring tattoo artists.


What can you sell, who to turn to

The target of potential customers is very broad, and depending on the products offered and the range of prices, you can turn to both private individuals and professional firms looking for a supplier.

Tattoo Machines Professional may include a wide variety of products in their offering:

  • tattoo colours
  • Best Rotary Tattoo Pen
  • grip
  • disposable tips for applying colours
  • rubber bands for tattoo machines
  • disposable tubes
  • tattoo sleeves
  • piercing accessories and earrings
  • ultrasonic sterilizers
  • Tattoo Machine Grips
  • various containers and spare parts

They provide products for the hygiene and cleaning of equipment, seats, staff, customers, specific products to treat the skin before and after tattooing, and accessories for the team such as masks, aprons, gloves, etc.

The more complete the range of products is, the greater the costs to be faced for supplies and the greater the number of users to whom one can turn and the number of loyal customers.