Importance of medical gas flow meter

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Importance of medical gas flow meter

Posted By medical gas supplier     June 7, 2022    


Medical Gas Flowmeter is a complex set of elements: systems, coatings, and finishes in different materials. The indispensable systems for a home are plumbing, electricity, gas, heat, and sewage; you can add others that enhance the functionality of a home, such as the alarm system, photovoltaic, solar thermal and home automation.


The Medical Gas Installation is strictly connected to safety during its operation. For this reason, all systems require routine maintenance and reconstruction in case of malfunction. An update of the systems can only bring lower consumption, savings, and safety advantages.

Victor Oxygen Regulator focus to refurbishing the methane gas system present in most homes. For a residential context, the reference standard is UNI CIG 7129, updated in 2015, indicating the gas system's compliance requirements (sealing, aeration, ventilation, safety devices, etc.) with thermal power lower than 35 kW.

In this case, it is the installer who takes care of the sizing of the system. In all other situations, when this range threshold is exceeded, the design of a licensed professional is required. Consider that the thermal power for a standard 100 m 2
the apartment is about 30 kW.

Methane gas powers various household appliances such as the hob, oven, and boiler to produce domestic hot water (DHW) and winter heating. Methane gas is a highly flammable fluid, and the products of combustion generate carbon monoxide, an element that is toxic to humans. Hence the need for the safety of gas systems must be built in compliance with current regulations.

The gas system according to law: the meter
The methane gas arrives through external supply pipes to the delivery point of the supplier or the meter. This device measures the volume of Medical Gas Installation that passes through it.

For Victor Oxygen Regulator systems, with heat output ≤ 35kW, the test involves two phases:

  1. ) A high-pressure test aimed at ascertaining the correct execution of the system and its mechanical suitability.


  1. ) A seal check (or at low pressure) to ascertain the absence of gas dispersion. On non-visible system pipes, the tightness test must be carried out before covering the lines with mortar.

Gas system, according to law, user appliances
The internal system with its branches reaches each user device. An interception cock must always be inserted upstream of any flexible or rigid connection pipe between the appliance and the internal system, positioned in a visible and easily accessible position.

If combustion occurs in a closed environment, the air must be taken from the outside through a special ventilation opening.

Two holes must be made in the wall, necessary for the withdrawal of air, to compensate for that subtracted by the combustion of the gas.

The first opening must be directed outwards, near the ceiling, at a height greater than 1.80 m and with a net section of at least 100 cm 2; the second, direct or indirect, will be practiced near the floor, at a height, in any case, less than 300 mm and will have a net section greater than 100 cm 2.