Where did the inspiration for Path of Exile 2 come from?
    • Last updated April 25, 2020
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Where did the inspiration for Path of Exile 2 come from?

Posted By Cucclvince Cucclvince     April 25, 2020    


As we all know, Path of Exile is a very good ARPG game, which has been wildly sought after by players and friends. With the MMOAH arrival of Path of Exile 2, the scene was once hot, and players also paid great attention to Path of Exile 2. Recently, when the composer made a new release video for Path of Exile 2, Kamil Orman Janowski also talked about how he wanted to create a new sound. He wanted to raise it to a new height and still maintain the same feeling of darkness and toughness. Players can feel from the video that he mixed a lot of folk elements, races, tribes and experimental elements to discover a unique sound. And he showed that the creative inspiration came from Trent Reznor's film creation.
POE Currency
Janowski also showed players in the video the new areas of Path of Exile 2, such as crypts and hunting grounds. When creating, he combined artwork and games to get inspiration and create on the screen. From the use of symphonic sounds to the use of more synthesizers and tonal changes that create an atmosphere for each environment to talk to the player.
I have to say that for Path of Exile 2, this is a very cool video. Janowski shows that he likes how to make game sausages, especially when the game's composers talk about music together. Path of Exile's music is great, but he wants to hear new music more.
Path of Exile 2 brings seven new characters in the new storyline, and the final game is shared with the basic game, but there are many changes in the system, visual effects, and classes. This can be said to be a major update to the POE Items game, constantly bringing new content to players, and as always, free. He has extensive knowledge, in-depth player customization and almost all interesting risks included in this cracking system.
Are you looking forward to Path of Exile 2? Come and enter the world of the game with us.