Why Not Learn More Things About 4x8 PVC Foam Board?

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Why Not Learn More Things About 4x8 PVC Foam Board?

Posted By jianguan ccc     April 25, 2020    


Product Features:
1. Waterproof, fire retardant, acid resistant, moth resistant, light, heat insulation, noise insulation, shock absorption
2. Processed under the same conditions, its processing performance is far superior to wood
3. Ideal substitute of wood, aluminum, composite sheet
4. Crust plate surface is very smooth, high hardness, not easy to scratch, commonly used in the production of cabinets, furniture, etc.

Key factor evaluating the quality of the foamed sheet
For foamed materials, cell size and uniformity are the key factors affecting the quality of the 4x8 pvc foam board. Low foam sheet has small and uniform cell, good foam sheet toughness, high strength and good surface quality. Considering from the lower density foam sheet, only small and uniform cell has the possibility of further reducing density, large and bulk foam is difficult to further reduce the density.

Key points to control PVC foaming process
Plastic foam molding is divided into three processes: bubble nucleus formation, bubble nucleus expansion and foam body curing. For foamed PVC sheet added with chemical vesicant, the expansion of bubble nucleus has a decisive influence on the quality of the foamed sheet. PVC is straight-chain molecules, the molecular chain is short, the melt strength is low, during the process of bubbles expanding into the bubble, the melt is not sufficient to cover the bubbles, the gas is easily to overflow and merge into large bubbles, reducing the quality of the foamed sheet product.