Can you explain how Invisalign clear aligners perform?
    • Last updated June 13, 2022
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Can you explain how Invisalign clear aligners perform?

Posted By Ivanov Orthodontic     June 13, 2022    


You come to the dental office to check for fit and make any necessary changes after receiving your first set of aligners. According to orthodontists Miami fl, except when you eat, floss, or clean your teeth, you will wear your aligners every day. Because Invisalign braces are easily removable, you can remove them whenever you feel the need to throughout the day.



Invisalign is advantageous and simple to use. It easily fits into your daily routine. You will place the clear aligners over your teeth once you receive your aligners. The Orthodontist specialists of Florida will advise you to wear each pair of aligners for at least two weeks before replacing them with the next set. Because your aligners work by softly and accurately repositioning your teeth, they will initially fit snugly.


Over time, you will find that your Invisalign clear aligners are a little loose. Don't switch the old aligners out too soon, even if they start to feel loose. Florida orthodontic specialists recommend Wearing them for the whole two weeks. It allows your teeth and gums to adapt to their new correct position. Changing clear aligners too soon will jeopardize your treatment strategy.


Every six weeks, you have to visit the dental clinic for a checkup on your aligners and the status of your treatment. These checkups also allow your dentist to see if you need any alterations and adjustments to the aligners or treatment plan.


How long your Invisalign treatment will take?


According to orthodontists specialists of Florida, the average treatment time of Invisalign is one year. Still, it may differ depending on each person's age and specific treatment requirement. Each case is different, so you will receive an estimated treatment time after taking the digital images and examining your teeth.



How do Invisalign clear aligners feel in your mouth?


Invisalign aligners are so comfortable to wear, one of the biggest causes or reasons to invest in them. Remember that your teeth are changing and adjusting to a new position, so you should expect some discomfort, which is normal, especially with the initial aligners. When you first wear a brand new set of invisible aligners, the pressure you feel on your teeth will gradually fade over a few days.


Please contact your Biscayne park orthodontist if you are experiencing any substantial discomfort or pain. They will schedule a consultation with you to examine your teeth, gums, and aligners to ensure a correct fit. Also, according to Invisalign cost Miami, the treatment can be expensive. So make sure to consult with your dental insurance provider and see if your insurance covers the cost.  


Can everyone or anyone wear Invisalign clear braces?


Invisalign aligners are custom-made and suitable for both teenagers and adults. With these clear braces, you can effectively treat dental issues like overbite, underbite, open bite, crossbite, and overcrowded teeth. We can discuss whether Invisalign is the best orthodontic treatment for you after examining and taking x-rays of your teeth.




The article highlights the essential aspects, factors, and other informative things about Invisalign treatment. The above article tells us how Invisalign clear aligners perform, how long the treatment will take, and more. For more informative details regarding Invisalign, please visit


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