3 Major Reasons Why Height Adjustable Desks Are So Good

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3 Major Reasons Why Height Adjustable Desks Are So Good

Posted By Harry Brooks     June 14, 2022    


In spite of having a totally charged-up atmosphere, with all the colleagues, working from the office can sometimes feel really boring and tiring. Did you ever think why? It’s because you sit and work in one position for a long time. This not only affects you physically but mentally as well.

Sitting in one place for a prolonged period of time can severely harm your health like it can increase your chance of being diabetic, you can gain weight or you can develop dangerous heart disease. But, you don’t need to worry about these issues when you have a height adjustable desk.

Such a desk lets you stand or sit while you work comfortably. These desks come with plenty of benefits that can help you at work, with a few given below. Take a look.

The height adjustable desks help in losing weight

Consuming more calories than you can lose makes you gain excess weight and when this continues for a long period of time, you become obese. Additionally, excess weight leads to an increase in metabolic defects and so you should always see to it that your weight remains in check. Working on your PC the entire day, sitting in one place, surely doesn’t help. Standing makes you burn some calories and this can work in favour of losing some weight.

They help to lower blood sugar levels

After your meals, when your blood sugar rises, it becomes risky for your health and well-being. Reports showed that there was an 11% decrease in blood sugar of plus-size employees in a renowned company when they switched from sitting to standing in half an hour intervals. A recent report showed that there was an unbelievable 40% decrease in blood sugar when the workers of a well-known company stood and worked after lunch.

These desks improve your work productivity

When you use this desk while working, it also leaves a positive impact on your energy levels and you get the better motivation to work harder. Surveys have more than often proved that people who use the height-adjustable desks often experience less stress and exhaustion than people who sit and work. It came to be known that there was an increase in energy levels up to 85% when people stood and worked the entire day!

The gaming desks of an illustrious Australian desk company promise to offer you great gaming experiences, ones that remain memorable!

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