World of Warcraft: Mage (damage output)

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World of Warcraft: Mage (damage output)

Posted By CongFei Li     May 4, 2020    


Masters are the masters of time and space, and only the most keen, intelligent, and self-disciplined students can embark on the road of masters. The arcane magic that the mage can master is too powerful and dangerous, and only the most dedicated researchers can peep into the mystery. To avoid disturbing spellcasting, mages only wear cloth armor, but they can gain additional protection through mana shields and enhancements. In order to stop the enemy, the mage can summon spitting flames to Buy WOW Classic Gold ignite the target, or let the ground in an area blaze flames, so that the entire team of enemies will burn.

Master's professional information: Master will destroy enemies with mysterious spells. Although they have powerful offensive spells, the mage is not strong and the armor is very thin, which makes them very vulnerable to close attacks. Smart wizards will use spells carefully to limit their enemies to a certain distance or control them in proper positions.

The mage in World of Warcraft has four characteristics. First of all, the powerful long-range damage output, the mage can consume the magic value, output a large amount of damage at an alarming speed, but you must be careful not to fatigue too much. Secondly, the range spell, the mage can summon frost rain, the pillar of flames and arcane energy waves, and can effectively attack many enemies at the same time. Then, the mage's control is also very strong. The mage has many means of WOW Classic Gold For Sale controlling the battlefield, and can freeze the enemy in place or turn them into helpless animals. Finally, the mage has the ability to teleport themselves and teammates between cities, and can summon food and water for recovery.

The mage's combat duty is damage output, the resources it uses are life, mana, its armor type is cloth armor, its available weapons are magic wand, dagger, one-handed sword, and staff. In addition, in World of Warcraft, the mage is best at strengthening single-line spells, its fast, highly aggressive flame spells; efficient, controlled frost spells; and unparalleled arcane spells can Fear the enemy.

In World of Warcraft, the mage is the most threatening and powerful damage output. If players want to play a core role in the team, they can use a powerful mage. At the same time, its appearance can bring players an exciting game experience Enrich the game vision of players. Finally, I wish Blizzard could improve World of Warcraft and bring players more game content.